Dialogue for Chomp

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  • Chomp: Hi, human.
  • Player: Hi, ogre.
    • How are you today?
      • Player: How are you today, little ogre?
      • Chomp: Me wants CHOMPY for dinner!
      • Player: Me hopes you GETS chompy for dinner!
      • Chomp: What you talk weird like dat for, human? You sound silly!
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Can you tell me about this salt-water spring?
      • Player: Can you tell me about this salt-water spring?
      • Chomp: Yeah, sure, human! De water flows fast from underground. When you bathe here, it make you flow fast overground for long, long time.
      • Player: Flow fast?
      • Chomp: You know, flow on your feetsies. Fast-like. Quick, like a bunny!
      • Player: Are you talking about running?
      • Chomp: Yeah, run, flow - same thing. Have bath here, it not matter how heavy you are, how much you carry - you can flow long time!
      • Player: Thanks, that's good to know.
      • Chomp:
      • (Dialogue ends)