Dialogue for Charley

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  • Charley: I got fish, you got gold?
  • Select an option
    • Yes.
    • Yes, but I don't want your fish.
      • Player: Yes, but I don't want your fish.
      • Charley: Then what are ye doin' in a fish shop? Looking fer work?
      • Player: Possibly, do you have any quests?
      • Charley: I dunno, I haven't gone through the last catch yet. What sort of fish is it?
      • Player: A quest isn't a type of fish!
      • Charley: Then I don't have any, and yer wastin' my time!
    • What happened to your legs?
      • Player: What happened to your legs?
      • Charley: Ye wanna know what happened to my legs? Yer too much of a lilly-livered, hat wearin' landlubber to know what happened to my legs!
      • Player: No I'm not! I've seen some freaky stuff! I can take it!
      • Charley: All right, lass, since yer so insistent, I'll tell ye. See, I was clingin' onto a barrel, me ship havin' just had an encounter with this albatross. The sea was trashin' and wild, but not so wild that I didn't see the fins of some sharks closin' in on me. I managed to yank a sliver of wood from the barrel just as one of them grabbed me from below, but I slipped down the things throat by about two feet before I managed te kill it.
      • Player: How did you survive?
      • Charley: A passin' ship saw the sharks and knew there would be survivors in the water. They sent a longboat and picked me up, but not before the sharks had taken off my legs. And that lass is why they call me two feet Charley, because they found me jammed two feet down a shark's throat.
      • Player: I think I'm gonna be sick...
      • Charley: I knew ye couldn't handle the truth!