Dialogue for Challenge Mistress Rashida

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Challenge Mistress Rashida: Can I help you with something?
  • Choose an option:
    • Who are you?
      • Challenge Mistress Rashida: Rashida's the name - Akhoment's cousin. She's military. I'm civilian. I'm the challenge mistress in charge of assigning challenges nad handing out rewards. They're all here on my list...
      • (Shows the previous options.)
    • Tell me about Daily Challenges.
      • Challenge Mistress Rashida: A Daily Challenge is a job to complete: anything from forging swords to baking potatoes. I only assign you one per day, but you get a big reward when you complete it. You can have up to five Daily Challenges at a time.
      • You can view all Daily Challenges on the Challenges tab of the Adventures interface. If you've completed a Daily Challenge, you can also claim your reward from there.
      • Challenge Mistress Rashida: To complete a Daily Challenge, you don't have to give me the items you gather or produce. Keep those for yourself, and use them or sell them!
      • If you complete a Combat Challenge, you'll get an XP lamp that can be used in any combat skill. If you complete any other challenge, you'll get XP in that skill directly. You'll also receive a Treasure Hunter key.
      • (Shows the previous options.)
    • I've completed a Daily Challenge.
      • If a daily challenge is completed
        • (Transcript missing. edit)
      • If player has no completed daily challenges
        • Challenge Mistress Rashida: It doesn't look like you've completed any Daily Challenges. Come back when you've completed one.
        • (Shows the previous options.)
    • Farewell.
      • (Dialogue ends.)