Dialogue for Challenge Mistress Fara

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  • Toggle max challenges.
    (Opens interface)
  • Talk.
    Challenge Mistress Fara may greet you with any one of the following at random:
    • Greeting 1:
    • Challenge Mistress Fara: Got something for me, beanpole?
    • Greeting 2:
    • Challenge Mistress Fara: Hey stretch! Got anything for me?
    • Greeting 3:
    • Challenge Mistress Fara: Hey, how's the weather up there?
      • I've completed a challenge.
        If the player does not have any challenges to turn in:
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: It doesn't look like you've completed any Daily Challenges. Come back when you've completed one.
        If the player does have a challenge to turn in:
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: Let's check this one: [Name of Challenge]
        • Player receives rewards for completion of Daily Challenge
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: You've completed that one! Well done, here's your reward.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: Looks like that's everything!
          (Dialogue ends)
      • Who are you?
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: The name's Fara, proud gnome and collector extraordinaire.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: I'm the challenge mistress in charge of assigning challenges and handing out rewards. They're all here on my list...
          (Show previous options)
      • Tell me about challenges.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: Well, a challenge is a job to complete: anything from forging swords to baking potatoes.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: Those are just for your own development. You don;t have to hand anything in and I won't give you a reward. They're just a good way of finding out what to do next.
        • You can view all available challenges on the Challenges tab of the Adventures interface.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: If you're interested in rewards - which it looks like you are - you'll need a Daily Challenge.
          (Show previous options)
      • Tell me about Daily Challenges.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: Daily Challenges are pretty special. I only assign you one per day, but you get a big reward when you complete it.
        • You can view all Daily Challenges on the Challenges tab of the Adventures interface.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: You can have up to five Daily Challenges at a time. After that, new ones knock old ones off your list.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: The dailies work the same as regular challenges, but you'll have to give me whatever you gather or produce at the end so I can add it to my collection!
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: Don't worry, I'll compensate you with a reward. I've got all sorts of useful stuff up here, so I'll do my best to make it a fair trade that covers your costs.
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: I've also got a big haul of old lamps sitting around. You adventure types seem to go crazy for those old things!
        • Challenge Mistress Fara: I'll give you one of these lamps for every Daily Challenge you complete.
        • If you complete a Combat Challenge you'll get an XP lamp that can be used in any combat skill. If you complete any other challenge, you'll get XP in that skill directly
        • Every day you will receive a new Daily Challenge. If you already have five Daily Challenges, the oldest will disappear!
          (Show previous options)
      • Goodbye.
        (Dialogue Ends)