Transcript of Chained Heat

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Chained Heat

Bandos was so happy with my help before, he task me with talking to other tribes. Wants to turn their traditions into Crucible games. I talk to Rekeshuun champ and she tell me of tether game. They had thing where two goblins chained together - at hip, at ankle, it varied - then they race other pairs, fight other pairs, hunt while tether. Said it build team work. Have to learn to trust goblin at your side or both die. Trust is hard lesson for goblin to learn.

I took it to Big High War God and he shout at me. Say it not good enough, need more danger. He nearly squish me when kicking me out. I got to learn how he think to make sure he not get mad again. So I did. I talk to other Rekesh and we add some rules.

Tethers not chains but forged rods, sharp bladed edges. Not two goblins together but four, one facing each way. I worry it not enough when I go back, but Bandos laugh again. First Crucible games with it led to many deaths. Winning team used tactic of running into other groups, sharp tether first, cut right through them. In end, only two winners survive, carrying two more in dead weight. Me starting to see pattern and I not like.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion