Dialogue for Cave goblin miner

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Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Cave goblin miner: Hello.
    • Player:  How's the mining going?
      • Cave goblin miner:  Oh, you know, can't complain.
      • Cave goblin miner:  I nearly got caught in a rockfall earlier! Still, since humans started coming down here, the proportion of miners killed in rockfalls has fallen dramaticly[sic]!
      • Cave goblin miner:  Well, don't tell Mistag... ...but actually i wasn't working very hard!
      • Cave goblin miner:  We're a bit behind schedule. If you lent us a hand, Mistag would pay you for your work.
      • Cave goblin miner:  It's going well. I find repeatedly hitting a piece of rock very therapeutic.
    • Player:  Where do you take all this ore?
      • Cave goblin miner:  To the town of Dorgesh-Kaan, deep in the caves.
    • Player:  Why do you use bones to build with?
      • Cave goblin miner:  Well, our legends say that on the surface there was a substance called 'wood', which grew out of the ground in towers. But we cannot get wood here, so we can only build with stone, bone, and iron. The only bones long enough are those of the fearsome giant frog!
        • Player: Oh, right.
        • Player:  Giant frogs aren't fearsome!
          • Cave goblin miner:  Perhaps not for a mighty adventurer like you, but we think they're terrifying!