Transcript of Case report 3 (Rick Turpentine v. The (Rich) People)

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Character Background

Suspect: Rick Turpentine
Background: Rick was born to a prosperous family who fell on hard times. As he grew older, he felt it unfair that others could become rich while his family was poor, and he came upon a scheme to redistribute the wealth of Gielinor.

Victim: Richard Maney
Background: Maney is a successful businessman who was visiting Falador for a welcome respite when he was attacked.

Character Witness: Oliver B'Gard
Background: Oliver is one of the many poor citizens of Gielinor. He subsists by begging for free stuff and stealing things from market stalls. Mr Turpentine has been Oliver's benefactor on several occasions.

All witnesses are present at the courthouse, ready for interviewing.