Transcript of Case report 3 (Drunken Dwarf v. The People)

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Suspect: Drunken Dwarf
Background: The Drunken Dwarf hails from the city of Keldagrim, but appears to travel the world spreading good cheer. His favourite frink is beer, and his favourite food is kebab.

Victim: Botros
Background:Botros keeps to himself and doesn't like talking to others. He generally trains woodcutting in Lumbridge or Seers' Village. Occasionally, he likes to throw caution to the wind and train fishing instead.

Witness: Kebab seller
Background: The kebab seller works in Al Kharid and runs a prosperous business selling kebabs. One of his best customers is the Drunken Dwarf.

There is no need to interview witnesses in preparation for this case.