Transcript of Case report 2 (The Sandwich Lady v. The People)

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Circumstances and Evidence
Suspect: Sandwich Lady
Case Background: The Sandwich Lady was arrested by local authorities in Ardougne after a man came forward saying that he had been beaten with a baguette.
The victim, Simon Sez, assisted the local authorities in locating and identifying his attacker.

Mr. Sez says that the Sandwich Lady was offering him a free sandwich and then proceeded to beat him with a baguette.

The Sandwich Lady maintains that Mr. Sez was trying to steal from her, and that she was only defending herself.
On arrest, the following items were found on the Defendant's person:
1 baguette
1 coin purse
1 fingerprint extracted from the baguette

On the victim's person the following item was found:
1 cake

There is no need to interview witnesses in preparation for this case.