Transcript of Case report 2 (Drunken Dwarf v. The People)

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Suspect: Drunken Dwarf
Case Background: A man named Botros reported to local authorities that he had been attacked by a drunken dwarf while woodcutting in Seers' Village. Botros reported that said dwarf threw rockes at him, and refused to leave him alone until they had a conversation. The Drunken Dwarf was tracked down to Al Kharid, where he was buying a kebab. The kebab seller made a statement that the dwarf was a great customer, and had never given him any trouble. In fact, the dwarf often gave kebabs to those in need.
On arrest, the following items were found on the dwarf's preson:
1 Empty beer glass
1 Kebab.
A rock was found at the scene of the alleged crime. A fingerprint was extracted from it.

There is no need to interview witnesses in preparation for this case.