Transcript of Case report 1 (Sawmill Man v. The People)

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Evidence: Statements

Submitted to the court as evidence.
File 1:


Patent: Sawmill Bill's Supersteady Plankmaker

The Supersteady Plankmaker was designed and built by Bill for the creation of wooden planks. Its design is patented and protected for business security.

Protection methods: The sawmill is to remain locked to everyone aside from selected staff. No one is to take equipment out of the mill without the mill owner's permission.

File 2:

Dear Arnie,
Thank you for alerting me to Will's actions. I fear I'll have to take action against his opening of a competing mill. He knows too many trade secrets, and he helped construct my patented Supersteady Plankmaker. I will inform you of what I'm going to do.
Your friend,