Dialogue for Carwen Essencebinder

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This transcript involves dialogue with Carwen Essencebinder and the player.
  • Carwen Essencebinder: Welcome to my shop, friend. Are you here to practice runecrafting?
    • Can you teleport me to the Essence Mine?
      • Carwen Essencebinder: Senventior disthine molenko!
    • Tell me more about runecrafting.
      • Carwen Essencebinder: When you cast a spell, you tap into the latent power of runes. Naturally occuring runes are incredibly rare, but the recent rediscovered art of runecrafting allows us to create them ourselves. By acquiring essence stones and infusing them at an elemental altar, you make it possible for mages to work their magic.
    • Tell me about the skills menu.
      • Opens the skill menu tutorial
    • Farewell.