Dialogue for Carpenter Kjallak

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Before Throne of Miscellania[edit | edit source]

  • Carpenter KjallakL Hey! This is the Queen's forest. You'll need her approval to make use of it.

After Royal Trouble[edit | edit source]

  • Carpenter Kjallak.
    • Player: Good day. What are you doing?
    • Carpenter KjallakL I'm cutting down mahogany and teak trees to make into furniture. It takes a while.
    • Player: Good luck with that.
    • Carpenter Kjallak: Thank you, [Fremennik name].
  • Your approval rating.
    • Player: What do people think of me around here?
    • Carpenter Kjallak: You are universally adored, Your Royal Highness. At the last poll, [X]% of the population supported you.