Transcript of Carnillean Rising journal entry

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  • Sir Ceril Carnillean wanted me to construct a quest for his son, Philipe, to teach the boy to be an adventurer. He told me to work with Crichton, the butler.
  • Butler Crichton pointed out how we could adapt the cave to create the quest. I constructed the features on Sir Ceril's list:
  • Cobwebs:
  • I ripped up a net curtain to build a fake cobweb across the cave entrance.
  • Obstacle:
  • I created a pit of spikes to block the passage, using some metal spikes found in the cellar, so that Philipe would have to climb across a ledge.
  • Patrolling guards:
  • I hired a pair of goblins to act as patrolling guards for Philipe to sneak past.
  • Traps:
  • I tied twine around the base of some supports to form two tripwire traps.
  • Jail guard:
  • Claus the Chef agreed to pose as a guard in the cave.
  • Guardian dragons:
  • I positioned two juvenile cave wolves and dressed them up as dragons.
  • Damsel in distress:
  • I took Sarsaparilla into the cave and tied her up.
  • Riches:
  • I gave Claus a bag of money for Philipe to loot.
  • Decorating the cave:
  • I decorated some of the cave wall to make the place more sinister.
  • I invited Philipe to try the quest. After I'd stolen his sweets, he agreed to do the quest in order to get some more.
  • I led Philipe down to the cave.
  • With a little coaxing, Philipe climbed across the ledge to pass the obstacle I'd created.
  • After I interrupted the guards' patrols, Philipe was able to sneak past.
  • Philipe came across the tripwires, and needed a tool to cut them.
  • Philipe successfully disarmed the two tripwires.
  • Disguised in Sarsaparilla's dress, Philipe easily persuaded the jail guard to accept a jug of Sir Ceril's fortified wine. This incapacitated the guard Philipe looted a bag of money from the drunken guard
  • I gave Philipe a sword with which to slay the guardian dragons. However, a Cave Wolf Matriarch came out to avenge her pups.
  • Philipe succeeded in slaying the Cave Wolf Matriarch, with a little help from me.
  • He cut Sarsaparilla's bonds and escorted her to the safety of the mansion.
  • Butler Crichton returned Philipe's stolen sweets to him as a reward for completing his quest.
  • Sir Ceril was delighted to hear that Philipe had performed so well in the quest. He seems genuinely proud of his son
  • Xenia returned to Ardougne to tell me that she planned the encounter with the Cave Wolf Matriarch. She thought it would be good for Philipe!
  • Sir Ceril told me that Philipe had left home to seek out adventure. He and Philipe had placed some items in a nearby chest for me as my reward