Dialogue for Captain Ninto

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  • Player: Hello, what are you doing here, so far from home?
    • Captain Ninto: I'rr. enjoyn' the local hoschpitalieee. hee hee.
      • Player: Looks like you've enjoyed more than your fair share of hospitality.
        • Captain Ninto: tee hee, I probblie schoodn' 'av anuva drinkie right now.
        • Captain Ninto: But dis dwarven beer ish kind of moreish after the fiff pint.
          • Player: I'd go easy on the dwarven stout if I were you.
            • Captain Ninto: I yousht to be a tesht pilot yoo know. I reeel hero.
            • Captain Ninto: But I loscht my bottle. Scho I now ffind scholiss in the bottle.
              • Player: What happened? Did you have a glider crash or get attacked by huge flying birds or something?
                • Captain Ninto: Naaah, I realished I woz scared ov heightsh.
                  • Player: Ah, I can see that would be a problem ... You should keep an eye on your drinking, though.
                    • Captain Ninto: I'll try. Bofe eyez...