Dialogue for Captain Bentley

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There are 2 possible dialogues based on location when talking to Captain Bentley.""

On Lunar Isle:

  • Player: Hi.
  • Captain Bentley: And you're wanting what now?
  • Can you take me back to Rellekka please?
    • Player: Can you take me back to Rellekka please?
    • Captain Bentley: I'll take you as far as Pirates' Cove. You'll have to find the rest of the way back yourself.
    • Player gets transported to Pirates' Cove
  • So we're here?
    • Player: So we're here?
    • Captain Bentley: Yep. You're free to explore the island. Be careful though, the Moon Clan are very powerful, it wouldn't be wise to wrong them.
    • Player: Thanks, i'll keep that seal of passage close.

On Pirates' Cove:

  • Player: Can we head to Lunar Isle?
  • Captain Bentley: Sure matey!
  • Player gets transported to Lunar Isle