Dialogue for Cap'n Ekahi

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As crew of Sarim's Revenge[edit | edit source]

Waiko[edit | edit source]

Before completing Jed Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: Captain, I apologise again for my actions.
  • Player: Really, Ekahi, there's no need. As you said, you're not a monster.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I owed Jed my life, but he spent that when he asked me to take someone else's life. Now, that debt to him is paid.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I will follow you until such time that you ask me to take another's life.
  • Player: I'm not planning to turn you into an assassin or murderer. I'm not Jed.
  • Lookout Ekahi: That is good to hear.
  • Player: Can you give me any information about where to find Jed?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Um, yes...but I cannot tell you. At least not yet.
  • Player: Ekahi...
  • Lookout Ekahi: Owing someone a life debt has rules. You would not wish me to betray your trust so readily, should I ever leave your service, would you?
  • Player: No, I suppose not.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I promise I'll find a way to come to terms with this and help you to find him.

After completing Jed Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: I miss home. Being a ship captain was hard.
  • Player: Where's home?
  • Lookout Ekahi: An island south of here called Cyclosis. Not many people know of it, because only us cyclopes know how to navigate its waters.
  • Player: Would you show me how to get there?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Perhaps, one day. I must get over all of this Jed business first. I can not return home in shame.

Whale's Maw[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: I spy, with my big eye, something beginning with 'T'.
  • Player: Aren't you a bit old for that game?
  • Player: No? Okay, fine. Is it turtles?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Nope.
  • Player: Ha! It's turtle shells then!
  • Lookout Ekahi: Naw.
  • Player: Tarpons?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Nope.
  • Player: Oh, are you being clever? Is it turquoise?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Ooh, good guess!
  • Player: Oh, was that it, then?
  • Lookout Ekahi: No.
  • Player: Well, what is it?
  • Lookout Ekahi: It's 'trouble'. Trouble, with a capital T.
  • Player: Trouble, how so?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Thalassus.
  • Player: Wait, what, where?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Out on the horizon. Something's got it riled up.
  • Lookout Ekahi: It's more often spotted off the coast of Thalassia, for which it's named. Seeing it this far west can't be a good sign.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it when we're at sea.

Aminishi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Ekahi, why were you waiting here for me on Aminishi, and not on Waiko?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Jed is always looking out for more people to capture. He wanted me to assess the monks here.
  • Lookout Ekahi: But they are not vulnerable - the dragons protect this island against those with ill intent.
  • Lookout Ekahi: It was also less conspicuous for you to come to me, rather than for me to approach you.

Cyclosis[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: Ah, Cyclosis. How I have missed my homeland. I think you will find us most hospitable.

Tuai Leit[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: Tuai Leit is an island close to my heart, for twilight is the periphery between sun and moon.

The Islands That Once Were Turtles[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: I've heard theese islands are haunted, captain, and I see bright lights shimmering on the horizon. Beware, for the dead are jealous of the living.

Goshima[edit | edit source]

  • (Before Final Destination:)
    • Lookout Ekahi: I see a figure in the distance, captain. A spectre. Do not approach it.
  • (After Final Destination:)
    • Lookout Ekahi: Someone should really bury all theese dead bodies.

Before starting Eye for an Eye miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Eye for an Eye miniquest.
    • (Everywhere but on Cyclosis:)
      • Lookout Ekahi: Have the quartermaster set a course for Cyclosis, captain. Speak with me at the Eastern tower there and I shall introduce you to my khan, Ichi.
      • (Dialogue terminates.)
    • (On Cyclosis:)
      • Lookout Ekahi: Welcome to my home, captain. I would like to introduce you to my khan, Ichi, at the eastern tower.
      • (Dialogue terminates.)
  • [Island].
    • (As above.)
  • Farewell.
    • (Dialogue terminates.)

Menaphos[edit | edit source]

  • Lookout Ekahi: I don't like it here captain. I can feel...something beneath this city.
  • Player: Something good or something bad?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Hmm, neither, I think. Just something 'other'.
  • Player: You cyclopes are quite sensitive, aren't you?
  • Lookout Ekahi: What we may lack in depth perception, we have learned to compensate for by sharpening our other senses. Tread carefully, captain.