Dialogue for Cap'n Arnav

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  • Cap'n Arnav: Yarr! What do ye think to me little house? Nice, ain't it?
  • Player: Sure! As houses go...this is one.
  • Cap'n Arnav: Bought it wi' me ill-gotten gains, I did. Used to be yer typical treasure huntin' pirate, but thought it were time for me retirement.
  • Player: Well, enjoy it!
  • Cap'n Arnav: Aye, I will, thanks. Only thing is I've not been able to get out into the back yard, yet...and all me drawers are shut tight. I never had much luck with locks.
  • Player: Want me to take a look?
  • Cap'n Arnav: Nay, don't bother yerself. Gives me somethin' to do wi' all me spare time!