Transcript of Call of the Ancestors journal entry

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  • I can begin this quest by talking to Tunks at the Tuska crash site.
  • I spoke to Acca Kanatah who asked me help some young goebies rebuild their village.
  • Tunks, Peck and Lunch were hard work, but they should be able to handle their duties without me in the future.
  • The Acca was concerned about the village's supply of Nemi root - a plant that is poisonous to the airut. I've taken Tunks, Peck and Lunch into the forest, in order to find more.
  • In the forest I came across a Goebie of incredible age. The ancient promised me that his attendants could bring me the roots that the Acca requested.
  • Before delivering the roots, the goebie ancient has asked that we enter the remnants of an old temple in the forest and rediscover the temple's secrets Inside the temple I met Xinachto, a tortoise-like being, and one of the guardians of Mazcab. Xinachto informed me that in order to discover the temple's secrets, my goebie companions had to complete three trials.
  • Xinachto was imprisoned within the temple, its life being drained slowly in order to heal the scars of Mazcab. Despite my advice, Lunch decided to free the spirit.
  • While talking to the goebie ancient we were ambushed by the airut. Tunks, Peck and Lunch managed to beat them back by using their newfound powers.