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This transcript involves dialogue with Cabin boy and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

Talking to Cabin boy on Lunar Isle, after completing Lunar Diplomacy

If the player doesn't have emerald lens in inventory or bank:

  • Player: Hi.
  • Cabin boy: I bet you're after another lens!
  • Player: How could you possibly know that?
  • Cabin boy: Hey, I think I'm learning a thing or two from these Moon Clan ladies.
  • Select an option
    • Please
      • Player: Oi! I need another lens, boy.
      • Cabin boy: Huh, oh ok, I suppose I owe you one.
    • No thanks
      • Player: I think I'll pass. But thanks..

If the player has emerald lens in inventory or bank:

  • Player: So you've plucked up the courage to come and confront that girl!
  • Cabin boy: That I did, that I did!
  • Player: And?
  • Cabin boy: She turned out to be really nice! She's joining us to become a pirate!
  • Player: Really? And you're not sceptical about this? You know, after what she did last time?
  • Cabin boy: She---has---no---spell---on---me.
  • Player: Huh? Why are you talking like that?
  • Cabin boy: Like what?
  • Player: Like someone else was talking for you. Are you sure she hasn't put a spell on you again? Did she wave a watch in front of your face? You know, tell you to look deep into her eyes?
  • Cabin boy: She---has---no---spell---on---me.
  • Player: I think you've been hypnotised. I wonder what happens if I click my fingers?
  • player clicks their fingers, resulting in an overhead message
  • *click*
  • Cabin boy: *Cluck* *cluck* *bwaarrk*
  • Cabin boy:
  • Player: Oh dear. Oh well, I'm sure you'll learn one day.