Transcript of Bruce's bad break

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Bruce's bad break

Dear Diary,

I must say, this vacation has gone rather poorly all things considered. I decide to take a brief hiatus from my dull job in the hustle and bustle of Varrock and on my very first day I'm greeted with fire-breathing death lizards emerging from the clear blue sky. As one can imagine, this made it painfully hard to sleep. I can tolerate the brief sounds of death curdles in the depths of the night sounding from the wilderness not twenty meters from my temporary home but I draw the line at pained screams and cries of 'Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!' when I want nothing more than to sleep in.

Furthermore, these salamanders of the skies did quite a number on the already poor streets of this village and have made it exceptionally hard to walk around given the large numbers of potholes and burning remains. How the town of Edgeville expects to remain a tourist destination when they can't even maintain a corpse-free street is beyond me. Indeed, as I emerged from my residence I found by the end of my leisurely stroll I had stepped in not one, but TWO impromptu graves. This is most distressing.

I shall be giving this town a scathing review in the Varrock herald and send my housing agent (who recommended this place) a strongly-worded letter post haste. That Edgeville had not prepared even some kind of anti-dragon net to protect their township is simply unacceptable.

- Bruce