Dialogue for Brother Celerity

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First Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Brother Celerity: Oh, woe is me! Lamentations! Woe!
  • Player: Are you alright, brother?
  • Brother Celerity: I don't think so. I don't think I'll ever be alright again...
  • Player: What's wrong?
  • Brother Celerity: I've been sent a vision. A most terrible vision indeed! Demons are beginning to push through into our world in unprecedented number. I have seen fields of bones...rivers of blood and brimstone!
  • (continues below)
  • If you have slain a Demon in Demon Flash Mob
    • Brother Celerity: I sense that you have slain a demon general. This is your reward!
Brother Celerity gives you the Malleus daemoniorum

Additional Conversations[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Good day, brother. How are the visions?
  • Brother Celerity: Still calamitous in the extreme! But what can I do for you?
  • Select an option
    • I need to ask you about these demons.
      • Brother Celerity: Of course. Ask away.
        • What do the demons want?
          • Brother Celerity: I have consulted some of the most ancient tomes of demon slaying and I believe I have the answer. Zamorak and Zaros are testing the boundaries of the world and drawing power to themselves. Both of them command demonic legions, and now they are mustering their power. They are sending forth powerful dukes and princes; commanders and generals. These fell foes are weakened by the passage into our world.
          • Player: That shouldn't make them too difficult to deal with...
          • Brother Celerity: Would that were the case, young one, but worse is to come. The generals come with heralds and lieutenants, which they drain for power and sustenance. Once revitalised, they can rampage at will! Every death they inflict empowers their dread masters. Oh, woe and calamity!
          • (returns to Select an option above)
        • What can I do to help?
          • Brother Celerity: Alone you will not stand a chance, my child. Alone you would be but food for the hungry monsters! But if you gathered enough strong and stout companions, you might stand a chance. The demons are weak, but blood and suffering heal them. If you can dispatch them quickly - before they are recovered - then their lords will be diminished also. I have also heard it said that in the ancient times, when Zaros and Zamorak moved the lands openly, Saradomin blessed the slayers of such demons with magical armour. Not only did it make the wearer deadly to demonkind, it also helped them learn the inner mysteries of the combat arts.
          • (returns to Select an option above)
        • What kind of demons are they?
          • Brother Celerity: They are the most powerful of demonic generals. Each of them bears both a title and an honorific to show the dark favour of their masters. Generals and executioners are more deadly in combat, while castellans are harder to kill. Worse of all are the deacons, whose fists can set flesh aflame! If such disaster were not enough, the beasts will drain power from their companions to become ever stronger with every second! Mark my words and remember: you must slay the companions to stop the general becoming too powerful, and you must defeat them all before he will stoop to bloodying his fists upon you!
          • (returns to Select an option above)
        • Where can I find the demons?
          • Brother Celerity: If you are strong enough, you will hear the call of Saradomin to go and defeat the monsters. They tend to appear in the most barren and out-of-the-way areas; places of poison, rot and death. They favor the Wilderness most highly as a result. But be warned! They drink of death like fine wine, so do not allow the bloodlust of that place to overcome you! Every death in their presence, be it from their own hands or those of marauders, will cause them nothing but joy!
          • (returns to Select an option above)
        • I should probably go.
          • Brother Celerity: Be wary of the demons, my child! Be wary!
          • (dialogue terminates)
    • Can I ask you something else?
      • Brother Celerity: Certainty. What can I do for you?
        • Who are you?
          • Brother Celerity: I am but a humble monk, although I have occasionally been stricken with visions such as these in the past. I believe I have been chosen as a conduit for Saradomin to warn others of impending disasters. My brothers do not listen to me much, however, as I was once struck down with the most fearsome ergotism. They fear my mind has become addled as a result. Thankfully, the clouds of shrieking bats that live under my bed assure my I am well again, and that the visions I have are true.
          • Player: Um...
          • Brother Celerity: I have also spent many long hours poring over arcane tomes held in the monastery. From this I have learned much of the demon slayers of Saradomin and the threat we face.
          • (returns to previous options)
        • Is there a rewards for killing the demons?
          • Brother Celerity: Well, the obvious reward is that you will become a spiritual protector of the world.
          • Player: But what else can I get out of it?
          • Brother Celerity: The demons will come arrayed with a collection of minions which will drop various items on death. In addition, the demon general will no doubt have quite valuable items that can be looted. In addition, it is said that in the 3rd Age, Saradomin blessed demon slayers with a suit of magical armour that made them more deadly to demons. There is a chance that should you help to slay the beast then you may be rewarded with a piece of this legendary armour yourself!
          • (returns to previous options)
        • If you have already asked "Who are you?" or "Is there a rewards for killing the demons?"
          • Can you tell me about more about these slayers?
            • Brother Celerity: From my researches in the fabled Malleus Daemonum, the demon slayers were a group of elite warrior-monks dedicated to Saradomin. Where they walked the unclean fled, for each victory made them stronger in faith, and their blows shattered demons like the most fragile of clay pots. For every demonic general they vanquished, Saradomin would occasionally invest in them a new item of armour to gird themselves with. In this way they became stronger for each foe they pulled down, until even the generals of the Infernal Dimensions trembled when they took to the field. However, with the banishment of Zaros and the Edicts of Guthix, the demons were sent away and the order waned into obscurity.
            • (returns to Select an option above)
        • I should probably go.
          • Brother Celerity: Be wary of the demons, my child! Be wary!
          • (dialogue terminates)
    • I should probably go.
      • Brother Celerity: Be wary of the demons, my child! Be wary!
      • (dialogue terminates)