Dialogue for Brother Brace

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  • Player: Good day, brother. My name's [name].
  • Prayer instructor: Hello, [name]. I'm Brother Brace. I'm here to tell you all about Prayer.
  • After the interface tutorial steps for Prayer
  • Prayer instructor: I'm also the community officer 'round here, so it's my job to tell you about your Friends and Ignore Lists.
  • After the interface tutorial steps for the Friends list
  • Player: Are there rules for how I should behave?
  • Prayer instructor: Yes. In general, always try to be courteous to others - remember that adventurers like yourself are real people with real feelings. If you go around being abusive or causing trouble, you could end up in trouble.
  • Player: I'll keep that in mind.
  • Prayer instructor: Peace be with you, my child.