Transcript of Bringing Home the Bacon journal entry

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  • I have been given a mysterious meat slice by Eli Bacon. I should eat it near him so I can give him my opinion on it
  • I should tell Eli Bacon how delicious I found the meat slice! I wonder if he has any more.
  • Eli's pigs are under attack from crazed bacon addicts! I need to distract the addicts to allow Eli to lead the pigs to safety.
  • Now that I've saved his pigs, I should speak to Eli in the cellar of his farm to find out what we should do next.
  • To begin, I need to speak with Eli about what sort of tricks a pig can perform.
  • I need to speak to Martin the Master gardener in Draynor Marketplace. The piglets of his legendarily large Pigzilla will be sure to impress people.
  • Martin the Master Gardener will give me a piglet if I can identify one of the pickpockets west of Draynor Marketplace as the man who recently robbed him.
  • I should question them to find out which does not have an alibi before delivering some swift, punchy justice.
  • As a reward for beating up the pickpocket, Martin the Master Gardener has given me a piglet from Pigzilla. I need to deliver it to Eli Bacon in his farm.
  • Having acquired the perfect pig, Eli wants me to build the tunnel of training machinery that will help teach it a trick in the cave under his farm.
  • I have built the tunnel and now need to work on the mechanism that will make our showpig perform the trick Eli and I agreed on. I suppose I can do this myself, or check with Eli to see if he has any suggestions.
  • I have built the tunnel. Now I need to work on the mechanism that will teach our showpig the trick Eli and I agreed on. Having spoken with Eli, he has told me that I can upgrade it with planks, iron bars and nails.
  • I have upgraded the tunnel to train our showpig. I should speak with Eli to see what the next step should be.
  • Eli has requested that I gather 5 lots of wheat for our showpig and bring them to him. The wheat field near Draynor will be perfect for this.
  • I have delivered the wheat to Eli Bacon. I need to speak to him about what we should do next.
  • Eli wants to clear his farm's fields of the bacon addicts. To do this, he wants me to drug them with a sleeping potion by attaching some more bacon to one of the decoys I set up earlier and then pouring the potion onto it before the addicts start eating.
  • I have drugged all the bacon addicts with the sleeping potion. I need to speak to Eli because they do not appear to have fallen asleep yet.
  • Eli has assured me that the addicts will fall asleep soon. He has asked me to gather 5 fresh onions in the meantime to keep them at bay. The onion field near Draynor bank will be perfect for this.
  • I have picked some fresh onions and need to deliver them to Eli Bacon Thanks to some brisk walks in the fields and some more food the showpig is ready to train. I need to take the pig to the tunnel in the caves under Eli Bacon's farm and train them.
  • I have trained the showpig and need to take it to Eli Bacon. Eli has sent me to impress the people of four great cities in the world. I need to demonstrate how good mv pig is by taking it to the following four cities:
  • I need to speak to Eli Bacon to collect my reward.
  • I saved the pig population of the world from extinction by boosting demand for them as something other than a food source or for ceremonial greased pig wrestling. Thanks to myself and Eli, the pig population will flourish, allowing people to enjoy bacon in a sustainable way in the future.