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  • Brimstail: Hello adventurer, what can I do for you?
  • Hello, just wanted a chat.
    • Player: Hello, just wanted a chat..
    • Brimstail: It's always a pleasure to catch up with another mage! Especially one who has helped me so much! How are your researches going?
    • Player: Oh, not so bad. I'll let you know if I find anything I think you'll find interesting...
    • Brimstail: Thanks! I'd appreciate that.
    • If the player has the small crystal seed
      • Player: What's this seed do?
      • Brimstail: Fascinating... a crystal seed. You should have a look at the crystal bowl in the other room, must be related.
      • Player: Thanks, I'll do that.
    • If the player have made the seed into a saw
      • Player: What's this crystal saw do?
      • Brimstail: I've no idea, it must have been Oaknock's, he liked talking to the elves.
      • Player: Where would I find out how the thing works?
      • Brimstail: Errrm, I'm not sure. Have a chat with Hazelmere, maybe he'll know. He was around when Oaknock was alive and might have seen him use it.
      • Player: Excellent idea, I'll do that. Thanks.
  • I've been investigating another watcher in the Tree Gnome Village.[1]
    • Player: I've been investigating another watcher in the Tree Gnome Village. And, as a consequence, I've found an underground cave complex full of warped terrorbirds and tortoises. It seems to be underneath Arposandra or, at least, a city with gnomes in that use talking terrorbirds as guards.
    • Brimstail: Wow! You've really found Arposandra.
    • Player: I think so, though I can't get in. It's all blocked up. But I'll find a way...eventually.
    • Brimstail: Well, good luck!
  • I need to mine some rune essence.
    • Player: Can you teleport me to the Rune Essence?
    • Brimstail: Okay. Hold onto your hat!
    • Brimstail: Senventior disthine molenko![2]
Brimstail teleports you to the Rune Essence mine

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ This dialogue takes place after The Prisoner of Glouphrie.
  2. ^ This line is shouted by Brimstail outside the chatbox