Transcript of Book (H.A.M. Hideout)

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If the monster's visage does frighten thee, tear it off, I say: tear it off! For Saradomin will guide our sword arms and smash the enemies of humans till their bones become dust.

And let us smite these monsters unto their deaths, for they are not the chosen ones in Saradomin's eyes. We are the righteous ones in His eyes alone. Let them not infest our cities and towns, and let there be no cave or shelter for their spawn from here until the end of days.

Pray for thine own safety from the cunning monster for it will sneak up on thee. And where do we go for safety from these monsters? Here, with our brethren! And lo! we become the power, indeed the force to stop these monsters in their tracks.

Verily I urge you, my friend, to take up your spades and farm your farms to feed our people in this blessed sanctuary.