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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:17] before we get started with the following
[00:20] tips for the bonus xp training you
[00:22] should know that you don't need to feel
[00:23] compelled to play for several hours
[00:25] straight you're more than welcome to log
[00:27] out of the game to take a break when you
[00:30] log out your XP multiplier will not
[00:32] decrease so just remember to pace
[00:33] yourselves responsibly
[00:42] go to cut this tree down gotta commit
[00:45] got a coupla street down plant a new
[00:46] tree get bonus xp garlic on it go to
[00:49] chemistry now go to color mean bonus XP
[00:52] gonna cut it go K got a car come on
[00:56] remember I can cut down your trees for
[00:59] 200 GP instantly
[01:07] take advantage of the evil tree activity
[01:10] at the start of bonus xp weekend for a
[01:12] quick and large sum of wood cutting
[01:14] experience just make sure that whilst
[01:15] you're waiting for a tree to log out to
[01:17] the lobby and if evil trees aren't
[01:19] nothing Ivy's plain boring Ivy's
[01:28] everyone drum here and i'll be giving
[01:30] tips for dungeoneering fire-making in
[01:32] agility for dungeoneering get a group
[01:34] together before bonus experience begins
[01:36] you wouldn't want to waste time trying
[01:37] to find a team during the weekend now
[01:39] would you second find people who are
[01:41] going to be online around the same time
[01:43] that you will be that way you will be
[01:44] able to train with the same people for a
[01:46] period of time and not worry about
[01:47] finding new teams third make sure that
[01:50] you have done all your c1 rushes and
[01:52] have all other floors open and ready
[01:54] next up we have fire making for fire
[01:56] making i recommend heading on over to
[01:58] the judean cool air for great experience
[01:59] and best of all it's free to get there
[02:02] you need a juju teleport bag which you
[02:03] can buy from the grand exchange
[02:05] requirements for jayden cole air are 83
[02:07] woodcutting and 83 fire making some of
[02:10] the useful items to have is an infernal
[02:12] adds flying gloves and a ring of fire
[02:14] they will speed up XP gains but are not
[02:16] required when at your dinkle air cut
[02:18] only the curly roots pay attention to
[02:21] the roots though because they will
[02:22] either be curled up or they will be
[02:24] straight down after you get a full
[02:26] inventory of curly roots head on over to
[02:27] the fire pit use one of the roads on it
[02:30] and then you will get the option to use
[02:31] all now for agility you want to make
[02:33] sure that you train at the best course
[02:34] possible if you do decide to try it out
[02:36] of course and you don't exactly have the
[02:38] agility level 4 there are a couple items
[02:40] that will help you summer pies and a
[02:42] sure-footed aura summer pies when eaten
[02:44] give plus 5 agility a sure-footed or you
[02:48] can get at the loyalty shop for 5,000
[02:50] loyalty points when used you won't fail
[02:53] obstacles for 20 minutes and it
[02:55] recharges every two hours
[03:01] okay for mining and smithing I would
[03:04] recommend mining gold mineral deposits
[03:06] at Living Rock caverns on world 77 or 84
[03:09] and superheat the office sniffing
[03:11] experience and a little extra mage
[03:13] experience also if you can wear the rock
[03:16] plate body with the gold mining soup and
[03:18] bring a lava Titan for cooking just
[03:20] train it as you normally would cooking
[03:22] fish at the flash powder factory or the
[03:24] cooking guild with cooking on words for
[03:27] training runecrafting i would suggest
[03:29] zmi altar as the xB is stackable of all
[03:32] the time you'll be saving with bonus xp
[03:34] weekend you'll have more time to chill
[03:36] your friends you know dude one do Calif
[03:38] Aquino
[03:44] during the bonus xp weekend it's advised
[03:47] not to do any prayer you won't get any
[03:49] bones experian the ecto fountas or the
[03:51] gilded altar so you'd be just wasting
[03:53] your XP calendar
[03:55] during the whole weekend yo making ten
[03:57] percent bonus experience on summoning so
[03:59] don't bother doing it until XP calendar
[04:01] actually reaches 1.1 if you're doing her
[04:05] Lord turned the bones extry weekend is
[04:06] advised to use the bank at soul wars or
[04:08] at the clan camp since you won't have
[04:10] any random defense here to disturb you
[04:12] when you're doing pyramid plunder during
[04:14] the button 6p weekend only do the
[04:16] highest two rooms you can for the
[04:17] highest xperia after you're done leave
[04:19] the room and use the Pharaoh septa to
[04:21] teleport back to the starting room it'll
[04:23] save you some time also using anti
[04:26] poison totem as you can
[04:28] for farming blender highest trees ahead
[04:31] of the weekend and plan out a route
[04:33] which you can check their health the
[04:34] fastest then before the weekend starts
[04:36] look out that the first three of your
[04:38] route so you can start immediately for
[04:40] even more it's be plain new trees after
[04:42] checking health and then log out at the
[04:44] first tree again trees will grow while
[04:46] you're not online and accounted won't go
[04:48] down either this way you'll gain lots of
[04:50] farming speed with minimum effort when
[04:53] doing slayer I advise only through the
[04:55] tasks which you can use a cannon with
[04:56] such as hell outs ever inspectors Ortega
[04:59] knows this way you'll gain more kills
[05:01] per minute to speed up the experience
[05:02] gained
[05:09] if you choose to spend bonus exp weekend
[05:12] fishing I would recommend fishing in
[05:13] Shiloh village because it has a bank
[05:16] close by and a store for supplies that
[05:19] way you can get the fastest experience
[05:20] possible
[05:21] [Music]
[05:27] for those who have 55 magic or higher
[05:29] high-level alchemy is probably the best
[05:31] bet for training magic try to use items
[05:33] that you can have minimal loss from or
[05:35] can even profit from those with 86 magic
[05:38] or higher use plank make it is faster
[05:41] experience in alchemy and you can also
[05:43] say in a bank area for those of 94 magic
[05:46] or higher use IceBridge a good way to
[05:48] Train magic with ice barrages in the
[05:50] chaos on those fighting rack crabs upon
[05:52] entering you can basically aggravate all
[05:55] the rock crabs in there if it is empty
[05:56] and then use IceBridge on them to use
[05:59] your AOE attack or area of effect well
[06:07] hang everybody if you want to do some
[06:10] craft if a bonus expedia weekend that's
[06:12] just dandy okezie cows are here would
[06:15] recommend make it green dragon high
[06:16] bodies it's cheap easy and only cool
[06:19] people do it well if you're well Betty
[06:23] dude with a Betty crafted level that
[06:25] just drink some flax and seers village
[06:26] but don't forget to buy the flags before
[06:28] the weekend happy scape at every party
[06:38] fletching can be boring at times so it's
[06:41] a good idea to listen to music or talk
[06:42] to those around you hey bro is going oh
[06:44] wow I'm so sorry I'm really sorry I'm no
[06:49] you're gonna just you just turn the
[06:52] other way man but you did it hello
[07:04] everyone its ability 44 here reminding
[07:06] you to fire your old Butler if you're
[07:07] making oak dungeon doors for this
[07:09] badness experience weekend and just use
[07:12] a regular Butler they hold 20 planks
[07:14] which is perfect for making the dungeon
[07:15] doors and they cost a lot less to also
[07:19] as you can see time is not wasted using
[07:22] this Butler
[07:33] as bandits are so popular you might find
[07:35] it difficult to find an empty world and
[07:37] so you should consider less popular
[07:39] training spots using dark on the
[07:52] guerrillas and a patel is also a great
[07:54] spot but remember not to let your prayer
[07:56] points drop
[07:59] [Music]