Transcript of Bones (Anachronia)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Laniakea, Varrock guard, Asgarnia Smith, Irwinsson, and the player.

Examining[edit | edit source]

First set[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Look at this.
  • Laniakea: This looks and smells fresh, but all the flesh has been stripped right off. We're going to have to squeeze past it, be careful not to slip.
  • Screen fades to black, and the Player and the rest of their party is safely on the other side

Second set[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Another pile of bones, on the same track as where these footprints are leading.
  • Laniakea: Let us push on, we need to find a safe spot to make camp. Night is upon us and we should ensure we're protected against whatever is with us on this island.
  • Cutscene ensues where player and party come across a very big dinosaur.
  • Varrock guard 1: *gulp*
  • Laniakea: What the...
  • Varrock guard 2: Uh oh
  • Archaeologist: What the...
  • Varrock guard 1: What IS that thing?
  • Player: It looks like a big scary Jadinko.
  • Laniakea: Everyone stand still. Do not move a muscle.
  • Varrock guard 1: Do you think he saw us?
  • Laniakea: If we do not startle it, it may not even see us.
  • Varrock guard 1: It just looked at me.
  • Laniakea: Shut up. You'll get us all killed.
  • Varrock guard 1: It's definitely looking at me.
  • Varrock guard 2: I'm too young to die.
  • Varrock guard 1: It just licked it's[sic] lips.
  • Player: SSSHHHH!
  • (Camera changes angles, the dinosaur roars, and a man runs in.)
  • ??? (Man): COR BLIMEY. LOOK OUT!
  • ??? (Dinosaur): ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  • ??? (Man): RUN YOU FOOLS!
  • Varrock guard 1: Is he with us?
  • Player: Don't think so.
  • Varrock guard 1: You don't need to tell me twice. I'm pegging it!
  • (The player and party run off, followed by the man and the dinosaur. They run for a while, and then they enter a city.)
  • Irwinsson: This is one of the few places that are safe around here. Blimey, I've not had a chance to process the fact that there are other people on this island! I'm so happy to see you! The name is Irwinsson.
  • Player: Thanks for the help, Irwin...
  • Varrock guard 2: What was that thing?
  • Irwinsson: This land is littered with new creatures I had never seen before. Be careful when you leave this area, there are new creatures and dangerous plants. I've found that using a lot of the broken temples and roots to traverse the island quite helpful.
  • Varrock guard 2: We're all going to die.
  • Player: Thanks for the advice.
  • Irwinsson: I'm still amazed I'm not alone on this god forsaken island. Please come chat to me more about how you're even here! You can find me in the lodge just over there.
  • Laniakea: I am going to explore, if you need me I won't be far, Player.
  • Varrock guard 2: You're just going to leave us? With that THING out there?!
  • Laniakea: You'll be fine. So will I.