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Talking to Bob Barter[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi.
  • Bob Barter (herbs): Hello, chum, fancy buyin' some designer jewellery? They've come all the way from Ardougne! Most pukka!
  • Player: erm, no. I'm all set, thanks.
  • Bob Barter (herbs): Okay, chum, so what can I do for you? I can tell you the very latest herb prices, or perhaps I could help you decant your potions.
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Bob Barter (herbs): Why, I'm Bob! Your friendly seller of smashin' goods!
      • Player: So what do you have to sell?
      • Bob Barter (herbs): Oh, not much at the moment. Cuz, ya know. Business being so well and cushie.
      • Player: You don't really look like you're being so successful.
      • Bob Barter (herbs): You plonka! It's all a show, innit! If I let people knows I'm in good business they'll want a share of the moolah!
      • Player: You conveniently have a response for everything.
      • Bob Barter (herbs): That's the Ardougne way, my son.
    • Can you...
      • Help me out with the prices for herbs?
        • Player: Can you help me out with the prices for herbs?
        • Bob Barter (herbs): I can tell you all, my son!
        • Guide Prices: Herbs opens up
      • Decant things for me?
        • Player: Can you decant things for me?
        • Bob Barter (herbs): Sure, 4-dose versions are simple enough. If you want potions decanted into 3-, 2- or 1-dose versions, I can do that too. I charge 2 coins for each normal vial and 3 coins for each juju vial I have to supply. Would you like to decant them into 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4- dose potions?
          • How many doses do you want to decant into?
            • One dose
            • Two doses
            • Three doses
            • Four doses
      • Convert my flasks into normal vials for me?
        • Bob Barter (herbs): Certainly. I think I can make use of the flasks, so I'll give you the vials for free.
          • If you have flasks
            • (Transcript missing. edit)
          • If you don't have any flasks
            • Bob Barter (herbs): Sorry, I couldn't really help you out there!
            • (dialogue terminates)
      • Tell me what I can do with empty vials?
        • Player: Can you tell me what I can do with empty vials?
        • Bob Barter (herbs): Why certainly! When you finish your last dose you can either keep the vial or simply throw it out!
          • When finishing the last dose, what would you like to do?
            • Keep the vial.
              • You will receive an empty vial when finishing the last dose of a potion.
              • (dialogue terminates)
            • Throw the vial away.
              • You will no longer receive an empty vial when finishing the last dose of a potion.
              • (dialogue terminates)
      • Sorry, I've got to split.
        • (Same as below)
    • Sorry, I've got to split.
      • Player: Sorry, I've got to split.
      • Bob Barter (herbs): Buying bananas, then?
      • Player: What?
      • Bob Barter (herbs): You know, split? Banana? Banana split?
      • Player: Hahaha. No wait. That's not funny.
      • (dialogue terminates)

Overhead Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Bob occasionally says one of these overhead

  • Bob Barter (herbs): Now, what should I buy?
  • Bob Barter (herbs): I'm in the money!

Decanting[edit | edit source]

  • If you have potions in your inventory
    • Searching...
    • If you have a potion that can't be decanted
      • Bob Barter (herbs): Sorry, I can't do anything with that potion.
      • (dialogue terminates)
  • If you do not have any potions in your inventory
    • Bob Barter (herbs): You haven't got anything to decant!