Dialogue for Bob (smith)

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    • (With a construction contract for Bob's Axes:)
      • I want to talk about my contract.
          • What do you need repairing?
            • Bob: Let me see, right now I need you to repair the following pieces of furniture.
            • Bob: [Furniture 1], [Furniture 2], [Furniture 3], [Furniture 4], [Furniture 5]
            • (Shows previous options)
          • What materials do I need?
            • Bob: You need: Planks x [number], Steel nails x [number], [Additional material] x [number]
            • (Shows previous options)
          • [Leave]
            • (Dialogue ends)
    • I'd like to trade.
      • Player: I'd like to trade.
      • Bob: Great! I buy and sell pickaxes and hatchet. There are plenty to choose from, and I've some free samples too. Take your pick...or hatchet.
      • [Bob's Brilliant Axes opens]
      • Player: Can you repair my items for me?
      • Of course I can, though the materials may cost you. Just hand me the item and I'll have a look.
    • Can you repair my items for me?
      • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • About the Task System…
      • Tell me about the Achievement System.
        • Bob: Very well: the Achievement System is a collection of deeds you may wish to complete while adventuring around the world.
        • Bob: You can earn special rewards for completing certain achievements; at the very least, each is worth a cash bounty from Explorer Jack in Lumbridge.
        • Bob: Some also give items that will help complete other achievements, and many count as progress towards the set for the area they're in.
        • Tell me about the set reward for this locality.
          • (With the easy Lumbridge achievement set complete) Bob: For completing the Lumbridge and Draynor set, you are presented with an explorer's ring.
          • Bob: This ring will become increasingly useful with each difficulty level of the set that you complete.
          • Bob: When you are presented with your rewards, you will be told of their uses.
          • You may also see what rewards a set item provides by hovering over the Rewards icon for its Exploration Achievement set in the Achievements interface.
        • How do I claim these rewards?
          • Bob: You need to complete all of the Tasks in a set of a particular difficulty, then you can claim your reward. Most of the Lumbridge set's Tasks are straightforward, although you might find some require quests to be
          • Bob: started, if not finished.
          • Bob: To claim the Lumbridge set reward, speak to Ned in Draynor Village, Explorer Jack in Lumbridge, or myself.
        • Sorry, I was just leaving.
      • Sorry, I was just leaving.