Transcript of Bloody journal

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Arrogant. Foolish. I underestimated the humans here. Their golems were far stronger than we had expected, and they got the better of me. And I... Zamorak forgive me. I was weak. The birth of Khazard sapped me of more power than I cared to admit. Pride has been my end.

It is quiet here in the Shadow Realm. Calm compared to the clatter of war outside. Retreating here was all I could do to hide my weakness from Mahjarrat eyes. I shifted into the shadows after I was overrun attempting to shield Thammaron's flank. I fear he will suffer a similar fate.

There is no hope for me now. My wounds are grievous. I am left here with the thought of my son orphaned and alone.

Perhaps they will find me. If he was to inherit my ability to enter the Shadow Realm. Maybe. A boy should know his father.

Losing lucidity...

He did it. Created life... Za-