Transcript of Blood from a Stone

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Exile and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: How are you today?
  • The Exile: I feel better. My mind is clearer. But something has been bothering me since I met with my brother. I wonder now how he survived the massacre.
  • Player: Don't you know? Weren't you with them when it happened?
  • The Exile: I...I was not, and it is my great guilt. Our last burden for Hearthren was to carry a load of strange black stones to the very bottom of Daemonheim.
  • The Exile: I was afraid of going that deep - the voices are everywhere, and their words entice dark thoughts. I...I was afraid...and so I hid. I was a coward.
  • The Exile: I waited alone for a long time, waited for my tribe to return to camp. When I finally plucked up enough courage to go looking for them, I found only their bodies.
  • The Exile: My challem still held on to life for a time - she told me to seek out my brother. I thought she had meant for our survival, as family, but now I wonder...
  • Player: Why do you wonder about your brother now?
  • The Exile: His actions in these Eastern Lands. He seems to have fallen into his new mercenary life so easily. The pain he inflicts on his men appeared to come to him as a second nature.
  • Player: I'm afraid I may have some bad news on that front. I have reports of a group of mercenaries wreaking havoc on the Isle of Juniper.
  • The Exile: I understand. I must go to him. Perhaps I can curtail his violent ways.

After Voyage

  • Player: What happened out there?
  • The Exile: The creatures of the Isle of Juniper are poor, defenceless creatures - more docile than any mastyx. And yet my brother was killing them, taking neither hides nor meat. He was...enjoying it!
  • Player: What? Why would anyone do something like that?
  • The Exile: He was paid to do it! Paid to wantonly kill innocent beasts. He said it was his role, given to him by his contractor.
  • The Exile: And when I confronted him about what happened to our tribe, his answer was so cruel and brazen.
  • The Exile: He did not survive the massacre - he perpetrated it! He would have killed me too had I been there. Had I not hid...
  • Player: Why would he do that?
  • The Exile: Our last job for Hearthen - the black stones. Once complete, we were to be tolerated no more, so that no other would hear of these stones. He bargained to be the hand to silence us in exchange for his own life.
  • The Exile: My family; my challem - I long to be with them again. I cannot go on with this knowledge - it is too much to bear. I wish it to end!
  • Player: No. You're a worldbearer. Carry this burden!
  • The Exile: Every day I continue to live has been paid for with the life of one of my tribe. I am not worthy of them. I should have died alongside them!
  • Player: You've got to snap out of this! Your brother needs to be stopped, and I'm going to need your help to do it. Maybe you SHOULD become Endbringer - his!
  • The Exile: No, I cannot!
  • Player: Did you at least find out something that might help us stop him?
  • The Exile: I...maybe. The man who hired him - his contractor - he is called Kakashi.