Transcript of Blood Runs Deep journal entry

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  • I spoke to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle and she showed me a strange man who had washed up on their shores. I should speak to her again to see if I can help.
  • I have entered the stranger's dream world with Baba Yaga. I must search this place for clues
  • I have learned that the man washed up on Lunar Isle is Silas, the missing lighthouse keeper. He had a prophecy tablet like the one Chieftain Brundt and the others sought in their adventure all those years ago. The search continues.
  • In the dream world, I saw a new dagannoth mother, like the one I killed under the lighthouse. She was showing Silas a great army of dagannoths and talking to him about her plans. They have King Vargas of Miscellania as a captive and are going to attack Rellekka. Now to find a lectern to get out of here safely.
  • We found a lectern and I defended Baba Yaga while she activated it, and she got us out without any harm coming to Silas.
  • The Oneiromancer has received a message that Rellekka is under attack from dagannoths. Baba Yaga has offered to teleport me there to help. I should sneak to her once I am ready to go.
  • Battle is raging in Rellekka! I must help kill dagannoths until their offensive is repelled.
  • A ship has arrived! I must get to Chieftain Brundt's boat.
  • I have joined Queen Sigrid of Etceteria on her ship. I should find out why she has come here.
  • Sigrid is worried about King Vargas, to whom she is engaged. She has given me
  • Balmung, which is said to be especially effective against dagannoths. Now I should travel to Waterbirth Island and look for King Vargas.
  • I have found King Vargas and must try to escort him to the lighthouse basement and safety.
  • I almost made it to the lighthouse, but got caught in a rockfall. Now I'm in a strange place where Fremennik warriors of the past are gathered. It looks like Asleif, the mountain daughter, and former yeti Nial are here!
  • I awoke aboard Chieftain Brundt's ship. King Vargas and Queen Sigrid have been reunited. I should find out what they want to do next.
  • I'm married! I performed the service to marry King Vargas to Queen Sigrid, then Princess Astrid suggested we too make good our engagement, Chieftain Brundt did the honours.
  • I've joined a huge fleet heading for Waterbirth Island. I must discuss our tactics with Chieftain Brundt and Baba Yaga.
  • Based on what the prophecy tablets say, Baba Yaga thinks that I empowered the new dagannoth mother by killing the old one! In order to stop another one rising in the future, we must trap her and shut her away rather than kill her.
  • I need to find the mother's lair. King Vargas said it was through the south tunnel from the hatchery.
  • Koschei the Deathless has offered to guard the tunnel behind us. The rest of us will push on without him.
  • The others have gone back with Koschei to hold off the Dagannoth Kings while I continue on to the mother. I must beat her sentinels on my own.
  • I have defeated the dagannoth sentinels. The mother cannot be far now. I hope Astrid is safe.
  • The dagannoth mother is defeated All I need to do now is trap her in her chamber.
  • My plan to trap the dagannoth mother may have been successful, but I was hit by another rockfall. I need to get back and make sure that the others defeated the Dagannoth Kings.
  • The gatekeeper in the afterlife was clear that I wouldn't have her help any more, now that I've completed my mission. I've returned to the hatchery to find that Astrid and Brand were killed by the Dagannoth Kings!
  • Having left Waterbirth, I'm on my way around the islands on Chieftain Brundt's ship. I should talk to him when I want to finish.
  • The dagannoth threat is no more! The new mother is trapped and the colony can be controlled once again We had a traditional Miscellanian funeral for Astrid and Brand.