Dialogue for Black Heather

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Black Heather: What is it?
    • What's your story?
      • Black Heather: I'm here because I'm not welcome in this world.
      • Player: What happened?
      • Black Heather: Hmph, why are you so interested?
      • Player: Ah... I'm just a curious sort, I suppose.
      • Black Heather: When you're dealt a bad hand in life, sometimes you have to cheat at the game.
      • Black Heather: Someone close to me had to die. I won't say any more.
      • Player: Oh... I'm sorry for prying.
    • What do you do here?
      • Black Heather: Isn't it obvious? This is our base of operations.
      • Player: Alright, alright. You could be less hostile about it.
      • Black Heather: Don't ask stupid questions.
    • Where did you get those weapons?
      • Black Heather: We know how to handle ourselves. Some, we took from tresspassing outsiders, the rest are spoils from the beasts of these lands. You shouldn't underestimate us.
      • Player: That's a fancy staff...
      • Black Heather: Hah, isn't it? Heart torn from the firey wyrms you can find north of here, mounted on an old staff we picked up near the icy northern coast.
    • Goodbye.