Transcript of Between a Rock... journal entry

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  • Dondakan the dwarf wants me to help him break through a seemingly impenetrable rock.
  • I have been told that a certain scholar might know more about the subject of the rock.
  • I have found Rolad, the dwarven scholar, who does indeed appear to know more about the rock.
  • I have found the missing pages of a book. Rolad has given me the assembled version.
  • I have read the book that was given to me by Rolad. It contained an interesting section on the history of the rock, and how what appear to be dwarves imprisoned a demonic spirit inside the rock with yellow power stones'.
  • I have told Dondakan what I read in the book, how a demonic spirit was imprisoned inside the rock through 'yellow power stones'.
  • I have given Dondakan a golden cannonball. It disappeared right into the rock!
  • Dondakan has told me that he wants to shoot me through the rock!
  • I have been shot into the rock and have spoken to the spirit that lives inside!
  • I have killed the avatar of the Arzinian Being of Bordanzan, banishing it from the rock.
  • I have told Dondakan about the defeat of the Arzinian Being Of[sic] Bordanzan, making the rock a viable place for Dondakan to mine gold.