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In Yanille[edit | edit source]

Before The Hand in the Sand[edit | edit source]

  • Bert: Eeee, wha' shall I do! I'll mos' certainly lose tha job...
  • Player: Lose your job? What's wrong, why?
  • Bert: I w-w-work...over yon sand pit...and weeell...I found...this...hand! T'were buried in't Sand!
    • Select an option
      • Oh, you found a hand in the sand - that's nice for you.
        • Player: Oh, you found a hand in the sand - that's nice for you.
      • Eww a hand, in the sand! Why haven't you told the authorities?
        • Player: Eww a hand, in the sand! Why haven't you told the authorities?
        • Bert: They's no' wha' they once was. Tha cap'ain o'the Guard spends near all o'the time drunk in yon pub.
        • Player: Oh? The Guard Captain is drunk in the pub you say? That's not good, what will you do?
        • Bert: Weeellll...do you think yer could 'elp me?
          • If the player rejects the quest
            • Player: I want no part in this!
          • If the player accepts the quest
            • Player: Sure, I'll give you a hand.
            • Bert: ....Nae, ye can 'have the 'and as h'evidence.
            • Bert gives you a rather smelly, sand covered hand.
            • Bert: P'raps tha smell will get t'Guard Cap'ain's nose out o'his beer fer 2 seconds!

After The Hand in the Sand[edit | edit source]

First time after the Hand in the Sand[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Bert! Good news!
  • Bert: Arrr...Good news always be handy.
  • Player: They arrested Sandy for the murder of the wizard and the sand pit now refills itself!
  • Bert: ME JOB! I'VE LOSTED ME JOB! 'ow c'n yer say tha' be good news?? Me wife'll tear me limb fr'm limb!
  • Player: Don't worry, the Wizards are going to pay you a large pension so that you can retire...
  • Bert: Bu' wha'll I be doin' wit' me day now! I be lovin' tha sand.
  • Player: What will you do with your day? Well... You could build sand castles with your own two hands!
  • Bert: I din't think so... bu' iffen yer ever need someone ta haul buckets o'sand 'round. ye be lettin' me know Player, I's can help yer!
  • Player: Wow! That would be great! Buckets of sand direct to my bank everyday, you say? That's great!

Talking to Bert before collecting sand[edit | edit source]

  • BERT:'Ello again, Player!
  • PLAYER:Hello Bert, could I ahve my sand today please?
  • BERT:Aye, give me a minute cause I be rushed off me feet!
  • PLAYER:Thanks for the sand Bert!

Collecting sand[edit | edit source]

  • Bert: Mornin', Player. I be gettin' yer sand down to yer bank right away.

Talking to Bert after collecting sand[edit | edit source]

  • Bert: 'Ello there, Player! Hope yer be havin' fun. I be a wee bi' busy to 'elp wit' yon sand. Come back tomorrow.
  • Player: Okay, Bert. I'll come back for my sand a bit later on.

NPC Contact[edit | edit source]

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