Transcript of Beneath Cursed Tides journal entry

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  • I can begin this quest by talking to Wizard Myrtle outside the Wizards' Tower.
  • I spoke to Vannaka in Edgeville Dungeon and he wants to help investigate the fate of Tutorial Island.
  • I met both Wizard Myrtle and Vannaka back at the Wizards' Tower.
  • We all went to Mudskipper Point. Wizard Myrtle had prepared a water breathing spell to allow myself and Vannaka to dive down to the island.
  • I arrived on the sunken island and found a message in a bottle that mentioned a curse that could only be broken by helping the inhabitants for a final time.
  • I met Brynna, the old survival tutor. She doesn't seem to be all too aware of her fate.
  • Finally managed to cook - and burn - a shrimp for Brynna.
  • In the old bakery I met Master Chef Lev.
  • I calmed the Angry Jellyfish using Lev's music box.
  • The tasty seaweed was used to prepare Chef Lev's table for the cooking tasks he had to give me.
  • I completed the tasks that were set for me by Chef Lev.
  • After descending into the caves, I met the Mining instructor, Dezzick.
  • Somehow, I managed to smith a bronze dagger underwater!
  • Vannaka was waiting for me at his old teaching spot.
  • Vannaka taught me the art of wielding a large weapon in one hand.
  • After exiting the caves I found the Financial Advisor. Apparently he had never had a name, how odd.
  • Successfully went 'on the rob' at the request of the Financial Advisor. Maybe he shouldn't offer financial advice any more.
  • Inside the old church I met the island's monk, Brother Brace.
  • Brother Brace needs to get better 'friends'. They eventually told me where I could find the prayer book.
  • After all that it turned out that Brother Brace just keeps his door keys in his prayer book.
  • Myrtle's old mentor, Terrova, was the last tutor I needed to help.
  • It turns out that air spells just make bubbles underwater. Bubbles big enough to make chickens float away.
  • Between Myrtle, Terrova and myself we managed to stop Hector Vivian from completing his curse.