Dialogue for Beekeeper

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Reason: Dialogue obtained after all quests complete. Also no dialogue available from discontinued random event.
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This transcript involves dialogue with Beekeeper and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Beekeeper: Hello! What do you think of my apiary? Nice, isn't it?
  • Player: You mean all these beehives?
  • Beekeeper: Yup! They're filled with bees. Also wax, and delicious honey too! You're welcome to help yourself to as much wax and honey as you like. Leave the bees, though. The bees are mine! I love bees!
  • Select an option
    • What is honey good for?
      • Beekeeper: Ah, well, it's more the honeycomb that you'll want. I hear some people use it to infuse pouches to summon the dreaded honey badger! So long as you are carrying some repellent, you can just grab as much as you like.
    • About beeswax...
      • Beekeeper: Hmm, well, you'll need an empty bucket to collect some beeswax. There's a spare bucket around here somewhere you can have. It's trickier to get hold of than honeycomb. You'll have to actually use some repellent on the hive before filling your bucket with wax. I'm not sure what you'd want it for, though - it doesn't have many uses.
    • See you later.
      • Beekeeper: Okay, but 'bee'[sic] good. Haha! Geddit[sic]? You know, because 'bees'...