Dialogue for Beefy Bill

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Beefy Bill: Beefy Bill at your service! I can bank your beef, your cowhides and your flour, and I've got other stuff for trade. What's it to be?

  • Let's trade.
    • (redirected to Beefy Bill's Supplies)
  • I want you to bank things for me.
    • Beefy Bill: Excellent. Just hand me the items, and I'll work out a price for you. I charge a 10% commission.
      • (if you bank beef, cowhides or flour)
        • Bill keeps 1 item out of every 10.
          • Bank x, Bill keeps x/10.
            • Beefy Bill: Pleasure doing business with ya, mate!
          • Forget it.
            • (End of conversation.)
      • (if you try to bank something other than beef, cowhides or flour)
        • Beefy Bill: Sorry, I don't transport that sort of thing.
  • Who are you?
    • Beefy Bill: I'm Beefy Bill, specialist meat transporter and general merchant.
    • Beefy Bill: People bring me their beef, cowhides and flour, and I transport it all to the bank, keeping a mere 10% for my services. I also have stuff for sale.
      • How do you pull your wagon?
        • Beefy Bill: Oh, I don't pull it myself! I use cattle to pull it for me.
          • Isn't that disgusting?
            • Beefy Bill: Oh, stop being naive! I'm not letting your petty personal ethics stand in the way of my right to run a successful business.
            • Beefy Bill: Now, do you want my services or not?
              • (shows previous options)
  • I'll have a think about it.
    • Beefy Bill: Don't waste too much time thinking; time is money.