Dialogue for Beaver

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  • Conversation 1
    • Beaver: Vot are you doing 'ere when we could be logging and building mighty dams, alors?
    • Player: Why would I want to build a dam again?
    • Beaver: Why vouldn't you want to build a dam again?
    • Player: I can't argue with that logic.
  • Conversation 2
    • Beaver: Pardonnez-moi - you call yourself a lumberjack?
    • Player: No
    • Beaver: Carry on zen.
  • Conversation 3
    • Beaver: Paul Bunyan 'as nothing on moi!
    • Player: Except several feet in height, a better beard, and opposable thumbs.
    • Beaver: What was zat?
    • Player: Nothing.
  • Conversation 4
    • Beaver: Zis is a fine day make some lumber.
    • Player: That it is!
    • Beaver: So why are you talking to moi? Get chopping!
  • Conversation 5 (If the player has logs in their inventory.)
    • Beaver: 'Ere, you 'ave ze logs, now form zem into a mighty dam!
    • Player: Well, I was thinking of burning, selling, or fletching them.
    • Beaver: Sacre bleu! Such a waste.