Transcript of Battle of the Monolith (miniquest)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Azzanadra, Trindine, Wahisietel, Saradomin, Seren, Zaros, TokHaar-Hok, Char, and the player.

Starting the quest[edit | edit source]

  • (Quest Overview interface opens.)
    • Not right now
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Accept quest
      • (Continues below)
  • Wizard Trindy: Oh, what a surprise. Look who it is.
  • Player: What's going on? What's with all the soldiers?
  • Ali the Wise: Azzanadra is coming to attack the Monolith. Saradomin has formed an alliance with elves and druids to defend it.
  • Wizard Trindy: Can't think who told on us.
  • Player: Sorry, not guilty. But let me guess, you're spying on them?
  • Ali the Wise: Certainly not. This whole area is of significant archaeological importance. I'm surveying it.
  • Player: What for?
  • Ali the Wise: I'm assisting Reiniger with an excavation of ruins to the north. She thinks there could be an entrance to an intact area of Senntisten.
  • Wizard Trindy: Good to see her taking an honest interest in her history.
  • Player: So what's your job here then?
  • Wizard Trindy: Same as always, World Guardian. We knew you'd show up at some point. Someone needed to keep you distracted should you arrive too soon. But not today, it seems. Here you are. Right on time.
  • If the player has audio settings turned off:
    • A cutscene will be played shortly and you have some audio settings muted. Would you like to hear the speech?
    • Switch on audio?
  • (Continues below)

First battle[edit | edit source]

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • At the time, none of us realised the significance of the events that were about to unfold.
  • The followers of Zaros came first, descending on the Monolith to seize it for the dark lord.
  • My fellow ancients, awoken from their tombs, commanded traitor knights to begin their assault.
  • But the worst was still to come.
  • (Continues below)

First battle[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

  • Seren: Player, I must rely on you to command our forces. I put Helwyr, Thaerisk and Commander Zilyana under your capable command. To move them into position, simply click them and then click where you want them to go. You can change their attack focus by selecting 'target settings' and picking one of the new options presented. Once in position they will use their abilities to obliterate Zaros's forces.
  • Camera pans towards the path south of the monolith.
  • Seren: You must make sure that they do not destroy our defences and reach the monolith. If those defences fall, we are lost. Good luck, World Guardian.

Interrupting introduction[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • (Only before completing the battle once:)
    • (Only after completing the battle once:)
    • Talk to him.
      • Ali the Wise: Goodness.
      • Player: Looks like Zaros really wants that Monolith.
      • Ali the Wise: I can only hope they remain sensible. We're so close to Varrock...
      • Player: Aren't you going to join in? Where exactly are you standing in this?
      • Ali the Wise: Right here, as I was ordered. If Azzanadra wants my strength he'll have to ask for it. Nicely. For now I'll remain an observer. Though I won't begrudge you joining the battle. Stay safe, World Guardian.

Saradomin and Nex in front of the Tree of Balance[edit | edit source]

  • SaradominSurrender Nex, you cannot win.
  • SaradominI would prefer not to destroy so unique a creature as you.
  • SaradominBut I must protect the people of this world.
  • SaradominAnd if your death is the price for that goal.
  • SaradominThen I will gladly pay for it.
  • NexHa! You are weak Saradomin! Diminished.
  • NexMy lord took your crown as if you were nothing.
  • NexJust as he took your followers!
  • Eight Temple Knights teleport in, surrounding Saradomin.
  • NexBeg for mercy false god.
  • NexYour time on this world is over!
  • SaradominHardly.
  • Saradomin kills the Temple Knights with lightning.
  • SaradominJust you and I now Nex.
  • NexThen come face me!
  • Nex flies away.
  • SaradominYou cannot run from me abomination!
  • SaradominWorld Guardian, hold the line!
  • SaradominNex is mine!
  • Saradomin teleports away.

Second battle[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Ali the Wise: Good to see you, despite the circumstances.
  • Player: How are you doing?
  • Ali the Wise: I am keeping well. My brethren, however, have not been so fortunate. Even without the Crown, Saradomin proves a worthy match for both Azzanadra and Nex. The rest of their forces seem to have underestimated the fervour of yours. Who would have thought it?
  • Ali the Wise: ...
  • Player: What is it?
  • Ali the Wise: I may have spoken too soon.
  • Screen fades black to Zaros intervening in the battlefield.
  • Zaros: Enough.
  • Zaros sends out a blast of power and the battle is dragged to a halt.
  • Zaros: Once more, I find myself having to intervene.
  • Azzanadra: My Lord-
  • Zaros: Be silent.
  • Seren teleports in, blocking Zaros to the Monolith.
  • Zaros: Seren.
  • Seren: Whatever you are planning, brother, it must end here.
  • Zaros: I am here for the Codex.
  • Seren: Does your greed know no bounds? Our mother's core - the Crown - and now the Codex? Will that be enough? Will it finally sate your quest for power?
  • Zaros: My quest is none of your concern. Go back to your garden. You know as well as I what Bik will think of it. At least I will not be here to see you regret it.
  • Seren: ...
  • Seren: You're leaving? Again? When you could make a difference, you turn away. You run. You could stay and help us. We could work together to save our family, to save this world!
  • Zaros: This world is lost. And they have never been our family.
  • Seren: We owe them our existence.
  • Zaros: I owe nothing. I expected you to understand that. Get out of my way.
  • Seren: You cannot command me like your minions. Have you forgotten we are twins? I have the power to stop you.
  • Zaros: So you are prepared to kill another of your kind?
  • Seren: It doesn't have to come to that!
  • Zaros: You know it is the only way you can stop me. Kill me, or go.
  • Seren: Brother...don't do this...
  • Seren: ...
  • Seren disappears from the scene.
  • Zaros: At last.
  • Azzanadra: My Lord? The Codex is yours, but...forgive my asking. What did she mean? You are leaving?
  • Zaros: I am. This artefact - the Codex, which you call the Monolith - was not originally built as a repository of information. There are cracks in the skin of our reality. One here, and one beyond Freneskae. Shadow breaches. The Codex was made to seal this one, to protect Gielinor from the entropic energies that emerge. On the other side of the breach is another reality. A very different reality.
  • Azzanadra: ...Erebus.
  • Zaros: Yes. My destination. What I seek cannot be found in this universe, and so I go in search of another. I have the apparatus I require - the material to shield myself, a tool to guide me in that place, and an offering for those who rule there. All that remains is to use the knowledge I have gleamed to open the way.
  • Azzanadra: Let me go with you.
  • Zaros: No. It would kill you.
  • Azzanadra: Then I will prepare the world for your return, my Lord.
  • Zaros: Do as you wish.
  • (Continues below)

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • At last his plans had come to fruition. The Monolith lay undefended. With implacable will he forced it open, revealing the truth that lay at its heart - a tear in the fabric of our reality. Then he departed from this world, heedless of the devastation that would follow in his wake. From that same gateway came beings of pure shadow, and with them a torrent of dark energy. Left unchecked, it would choke our world. But the worst was still to come.
  • (Continues below)

Erebus creature appears from the Monolith[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What are those?!
  • Saradomin: Hold them back!
  • Azzanadra: Destroy them, so we can close the portal!
  • Saradomin: It is your actions that have done this! How dare you-
  • Azzanadra: Be realistic. You clearly need our help.
  • Saradomin: We have won harder battles.
  • Azzanadra: Don't let your pride doom your people.
  • Saradomin: ...
  • Saradomin: Very well. A truce - for now.
  • Screen fades black and back in to Saradomin.
  • Saradomin: There is little time World Guardian. There are dark things that have escaped to this world. Azzanadra and myself will deal with what we can. I leave the command of our forces here in your hands. You must not let these creatures pass through our defences.
  • Camera pans to the southern barricade.
  • Saradomin: You must defend the southern barricade as before.
  • Camera positions back to Saradomin.
  • Saradomin: We still have Helwyr, Thaerisk and my trusted Commander Zilyana to fight with you.
  • Camera pans to the northern barricade.
  • Saradomin: However you must also keep the northern barricade defended as well. Fortunately we have Nex's power on our side this time. Good luck World Guardian. We're all relying on you.
  • Camera positions back to Saradomin.
  • Saradomin teleports out.

Talking to Ali the Wise or Wizard Trindy[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • (Only before completing the battle once:)
    • (Only after completing the battle once:)
    • Talk to him.
      • Ali the Wise: So he's really gone.
        • Select an option
          • What are those things?
            • Wizard Trindy: They look like shadow creatures. The sort that used to come up and bother me in the Vault. You'd better get that portal closed fast, before many more come through.
            • Player: Can't you do it?
            • Wizard Trindy: I don't think I should get any closer. I spent millenia surviving in the shadows but I've never felt anything like this. It's...cold. Dead. And I can feel it trying to pull me in, even from here. I'm sorry, Player. I don't want to get trapped again.
            • (Shows previous options)
          • Do you think he'll come back?
            • Ali the Wise: Who can say? He has survived at least one apparent death. Is Erebus worse than that? I don't know. As for when he may return...I don't know. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps beyond both our lifetimes. Azzanadra would know more than I. See what has has to say, once this is all over.
            • (Shows previous options)
          • Goodbye.
            • (Dialogue ends)

Third battle[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ali the Wise or Wizard Trindy[edit | edit source]

  • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: World Guardian, I will be blunt. We're in trouble. There are too many of these creatures. We can't push through them to close the portal, and there are more beyond. Larger, and hungrier. I can sense them. We're taking losses, and it's stranger than it looks. Some are falling, half-drained of life, without a scratch on them. Just being near the portal seems to be harmful. Those of us with stronger dispositions are holding up for now, but I don't know how long that will last.
  • Player: So we need reinforcements?
  • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: Yes. And I would welcome suggestions.
  • Select an option
    • The Aviansie?
      • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: They can be strong, but so few remain on Gielinor. I believe Armadyl is away, on Tarddiad. We don't have time to mount an appeal.
      • (Shows initial options)
    • The Zamorakians?
      • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: Absolutely not. They have reason to turn on all of us, and have offered nothing thus far. We can't trust them.
      • (Shows initial options)
    • The TokHaar?
      • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: I...had not considered them.
      • Player: Ful made them to build Gielinor. They're powerful warriors. They even fight each other for fun in their Fight Kiln. They would want to protect their work, I reckon.
      • Wizard Trindy: One known as TokHaar-Hok spoke for them, in the TzHaar city, if I recall correctly.
      • Ali the Wise: Could you persuade them to join us, Player?
      • Player: I can try.
      • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: Go, then. And hurry.
    • Goodbye.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Talking to Ali the Wise or Wizard Trindy again[edit | edit source]

  • [Ali the Wise/Wizard Trindy]: Have you asked the TokHaar to join us?
  • Player: Not yet.
  • Ali the Wise: Go, then. You can find them on Karamja, in TzHaar city. I believe the Fight Kiln is a good place to look. And please hurry.

Entering the Fight Kiln[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an option:
    • The Battle of the Monolith.
    • Enter the Fight Kiln.
      • (Irrelevant dialogue.)
    • Enter the tunnels.
      • (Irrelevant dialogue.)

Entering Fight Kiln[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an option:
    • The Battle of the Monolith.
      • Screen fades out and back in. The player enters the Fight Kiln and walks up to TokHaar-Hok.
      • TokHaar-Hok: Human. Have you come to test your strength?
      • Player: Not today. I need your help.
      • TokHaar-Hok: ...
      • TokHaar-Hok: You smell of anathema. We can feel it. What have you done?
      • Player: I've not done anything! Creatures from the Shadow Realm are invading the surface.
      • TokHaar-Hok: The Shadow Realm?
      • Player: Yes. They're coming through a portal and we can't fight them off. We could really use your help.
      • TokHaar-Hok: ...
      • Player: ...
      • TokHaar-Hok: ...
      • Player: Well?
      • TokHaar-Hok: We are searching.
      • Player: For what?
      • TokHaar-Hok: The correct protocol. The Masters will have told us what to do...
      • TokHaar-Hok: ...
      • Player: TokHaar-Hok? I should go back to the Monolith. They need my help.
    • Enter the Fight Kiln.
      • (Fight Kiln minigame begins.
    • Enter the tunnels.
      • (The player enters the tunnels.

Talking to TokHaar-Hok again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Any progress?
  • TokHaar-Hok: ...
  • Player: That's a no. I should go back to the Monolith. They need my help.

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • Wahisietel: The invaders from beyond proved too much for the brave allies.
  • Wahisietel: Yet hope was not lost - Gielinor had defenders still.
  • Wahisietel: The TokHaar, the hands who created this world, the servants of the Elder Gods themselves, stood with us.
  • Wahisietel: But the worst was still to come.
  • (Continues below)

The shadow cacklers push past the defences[edit | edit source]

  • Saradomin: The shadow cacklers have pushed past our defences.
  • Camera pans toward the farm, where injured people are.
  • Saradomin: You must protect the helpless, the villagers and our wounded.
  • Camera shows the eastern gate of Varrock.
  • Saradomin: They also seek to attack the main gates of Varrock. Fortunately we have new allies in the TokHaar. Use these new forces well and protect our people. We are all relying on you, Player.

Talking to Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • (Only before completing the battle once:)
    • (Only after completing the battle once:)
    • Talk to him.
      • Ali the Wise: You weren't wrong about the TokHaar. Formidable creatures. With them here, we should get this mess cleaned up shortly, before many more fall.

Fourth battle[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Char: We have it!
  • Azzanadra: Char, no! Stay away from the portal!
  • Char blows the Frostenhorn in victory. Its discordant note echoes off the Monolith, and the portal writhes.
  • Char: For Zaros! It's so...cold...
  • Char is sucked into the Monolith.
  • Nex: CHAR!
  • Azzanadra: Everyone stay back! I'm going to close it.
  • Nex: It'll take you, too!
  • Azzanadra: I have to try.

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • Wahisietel: The priest, my friend, his heart filled with shame and confusion, stood before the doom his efforts had wrought.
  • Wahisietel: He grappled with the gateway, forcing it closed as it sought to consume him.
  • Wahisietel: The Monolith snapped shut, but the backlash had nowhere else to go.
  • Wahisietel: Pain cut through him as the corrupting energies tore into his body.
  • Wahisietel: Silence enveloped him...but there would be no peace for the most faithful.
  • Wahisietel: The desolate scream of the new god filled the air.
  • Wahisietel: In the aftermath of the devastation, the TokHaar looked at what the witless surface dwellers had done to their world.
  • Wahisietel: Everything would have to be dismantled, starting with their former allies.
  • Wahisietel: But the worst was still to come.
  • (Continues below)

TokHaar turned enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: That will hold them. Urgh...
  • Ali the Wise: Are you hurt? Speak to me.
  • Azzanadra: No. Our work is done.
  • Nex: But Char-
  • Azzanadra: There wasn't time. The portal is sealed. Our work is done.
  • Player: Not quite...
  • Ali the Wise: Yes, the TokHaar. Azzanadra - can you fight?
  • Azzanadra: I think so. If I must.
  • Ali the Wise: Good. Time for you to finish this.
  • (Continues below)

Battle intro[edit | edit source]

  • Saradomin: Things never get easier. With the threat of the shadow cacklers over, it appears we are not out of the woods yet. The TokHaar have turned against us. Fortunately, they march on the monolith first. If we can stop them here we can save everyone else.
  • The camera spans to the southern barrier.
  • Saradomin: We must protect the barrier to the south.
  • The camera spans to the north-western barrier.
  • Saradomin: There is also the northwestern barrier that must hold.
  • The camera spans to the northern barrier.
  • Saradomin: And finally the northern barrier as well. Hold the line World Guardian. We can win this!
  • The camera spans back to Saradomin and the player.
  • Saradomin teleports out.

Talking to Ali the Wise again[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • (Only before completing the battle once:)
    • (Only after completing the battle once:)
    • Talk to him.
      • Ali the Wise: Those TokHaar aren't quite the helpful allies we were hoping for...
      • Player: I thought they'd be on our side! I didn't expect them to want to start destroying the world.
      • Ali the Wise: I don't think any of us did. At least they're not shy about showing where their loyalty lies.
      • Ali the Wise: Keep up the fight. With our combined strength, we can handle them, I'm sure of it.

After the battles[edit | edit source]

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

Stop hand nuvola red.svg Spoilers ahead! This section contains spoilers for upcoming content based on the game's cache files. Continue at your own risk.

  • It is too late. The invaders may have been defeated but the foul power that seeped from the gateway has already done its work. The Elder God eggs, imperiled by the poison, are hatching. The young within will feast on our world. Now the worst is upon us.

Minigame[edit | edit source]

Moving a unit[edit | edit source]

  • [Unit]: Where do you want me?
  • Click to move [unit]
  • (After selecting a valid location:)
    • Player: [Unit], move over there!
    • The unit moves to the selected location.
  • (After selecting an invalid location:)
    • [Unit]: I cannot move there.

Special attacks[edit | edit source]

Helwyr[edit | edit source]

Single-target attack[edit | edit source]
  • Helwyr: You. Will. BLEED!
Area attack[edit | edit source]
  • Helwyr: Feel nature's fury!

Commander Zilyana[edit | edit source]

  • Commander Zilyana: Feel the wrath of Saradomin!

Nex[edit | edit source]

  • Nex: Feel the fury of the elements!

Damage to a barricade[edit | edit source]

50% health[edit | edit source]

  • The [north farm/northern/northwest/south farm/southern/varrock[sic] gate] barricade is at half health! They need more support.

25% health[edit | edit source]

  • The [north farm/northern/northwest/south farm/southern/varrock[sic] gate] barricade is at 25% health! They need more support.

Nearly 0% health[edit | edit source]

  • The [north farm/northern/northwest/south farm/southern/varrock[sic] gate] barricade is about to fall! They need more support. If this defence falls it's all over!

0% health[edit | edit source]

  • (Only during the first battle:)
    • As your defences fail, the battle is lost. All defences must be standing to complete the battle.

Completing a battle[edit | edit source]

Without experience boost active[edit | edit source]

  • For completing the battle you have received an XP boost.

With experience boost active[edit | edit source]

  • For completing the battle, your XP boost has been extended.

XP boost running out[edit | edit source]

15 seconds before running out[edit | edit source]

  • The effects of the 'Battle for the Monolith'[sic] XP boost are about to wear off.

When running out[edit | edit source]

  • The effects of the 'Battle for the Monolith'[sic] XP boost have worn off.