Dialogue for Basilisk head (mounted)

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Conversations[edit | edit source]

Player-owned head[edit | edit source]

  • Basilisk: What do you want?
    • Player: I want to mock you.
      • Basilisk: All right. Go on then.
      • Player: You're a stupid slime-witted worm! (This insult will be randomized.)
      • Basilisk: I'm going back to sleep.
    • Player: I want to apologise for killing you.
      • Basilisk: Go on then.
      • Player: I'm, uh, very sorry I killed you.
      • Basilisk: Really sorry?
        • Player: No, not really.
          • Basilisk: I don't care.
        • Player: Yes, really.
          • Basilisk: Really really?
            • Player: Yes, really really.
              • Basilisk: Fat load of good that does, I'm still dead.
                • Player: I'm not THAT sorry.
                  • Basilisk: I don't care.
                • Player: But will you forgive me?
                  • Basilisk: Of course I'll forgive you!
                    • Player: Really?
                      • Basilisk: No!
                • Player: I promise not to do it again.
                  • Basilisk: Of course you won't do it again, you can only kill me once.
                    • Player: That's why I won't do it again.
                      • Basilisk: I don't care.
                    • Player: But I won't do it to other basilisks.
                      • Basilisk: Really?
                        • Player: Yes, really!
                          • Basilisk: All right then. Apology accepted. Now leave me alone.
                        • Player: No, not really!
                          • Basilisk: I don't care.
                        • Player: Don't start that again.
                          • Basilisk: Leave me alone then.
            • Player: Don't push it.
              • Basilisk: I don't care anyway.
    • Player: I just wanted to check that you're okay.
      • Basilisk: Apart from being dead and stuffed and hanging on a wall, you mean?
      • Player: Uh...yeah. Apart from that are you okay?
      • Basilisk: Actually there's something blocking my view of the far wall.
      • Player: I don't see anything.
      • Basilisk: Perhaps if you were to step to one side of me.
      • You walk to the side of the basilisk head.
      • Player: I still don't see anything.
      • Basilisk: Oh, it's moved away. I can see now.
    • Player: Nothing.
      • Basilisk: Leave me alone.

Guest conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Basilisk: What do you want?
  • Player: Oh, er, nothing!