Dialogue for Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn)

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  • Bartender Can I help you?
    • I'll have a beer please.
      • Player I'll have a pint of beer please.
      • Bartender Ok, that'll be two coins please.
        • A Beer is put in the player's Inventory, and 2 coins removed.
        • (Dialogue ends)
    • Any hints where I can go adventuring?
      • Player Any hints on where I can go adventuring?
      • Bartender Ooh, now. Let me see...
      • Bartender Well there is the Varrock sewers. There are tales of untold horrors coming out at night and stealing babies from houses.
      • Player Sounds perfect! Where's the entrance?
      • Bartender It's just to the east of the palace.
        • (Dialogue ends)
    • Heard any good gossip?
      • Player Heard any gossip?
      • Bartender I'm not that well up on the gossip out here. I've heard that the bartender in the Blue Moon Inn has gone a little crazy, he keeps claiming he is part of something called a computer game.
      • Bartender What that means, I don't know. That's probably old news by now though.
        • (Dialogue ends)