Transcript of Barrels of Mystery

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Chef and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: You wanted to speak to me, Carlos?
  • The Chef: I want to go back to do some research.
  • Player: What are you hoping to discover?
  • The Chef: It's curious that the barrels of plants just disappeared. There must have five or six barrels, but no...poof! All gone!
  • Player: You're not a detective Carlos. Why are you even interested?
  • The Chef: I think there's a link between the plant and the creature that attacked the party.
  • Player: But the island's dangerous! What are you going to do? Fend the creature off with your wooden spoon? Are you insane?
  • The Chef: I survived the weeks with my trusty spoon. This doesn't sound like any creature I know about, and I want to study about it.
  • Player: You mean, you want to be the first to cook it.
  • The Chef: Er, no...
  • Player: Carlos...
  • The Chef: Oh okay, I want to cook it! People are finding new delicacies every day. There's word that someone's even cooked pig. Pig, I tell you! Who knows that this thing could taste like?
  • Player: Okay, Carlos. I'll arrange for a crew to drop you off en-route, but they'll not endanger themselves. Take care out there.

After Voyage

  • The Chef: Portmaster!
  • Player: Carlos, I see you made it back in one piece.
  • The Chef: Yes, yes. I have news. I was right about the sneaky plants! It was them all along!
  • Player: Slow down, explain yourself. What is this about the plants?
  • The Chef: There are no plants!
  • Player: Okay Carlos, I think you've been out in the sun too long.
  • The Chef: I'm telling the truth! The plants and the beast are one and the same!
  • Player: You're telling me that the plants turned into the creature?
  • The Chef: Yes! Or the creature can turn into a plant. Either way, it explains everything!
  • Player: Do you have evidence? Scholars will want to know about this.
  • The Chef: No, not as such. But I saw a plant change with my own eyes! It's just like the fellow from the party said - the jungle came alive.
  • Player: What are you going to do?
  • The Chef: Until I can kill the creature, I can't get close enough to eat it. My spoon-lasso-trap wasn't particularly effective.
  • Player: Are you giving up?
  • The Chef: No no! I'm going to cook up some tasty bait! Then we'll see if we learn more about it. We don't want a potentially tasty animal going extinct, do we?
  • Player: Will you need transport?
  • The Chef: I have already arranged travel. Thank you for your help. I'll return if more information comes to light.