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Unaligned[edit | edit source]

  • Bandosian record keeper: Get out of here. Go on, go.

Bandosian[edit | edit source]

  • Bandosian record keeper: Hello there. How can I help?
    • Player: What can I do here?
      • Bandosian record keeper: They call me the record keeper, and I keep this war ticking over.
      • Bandosian record keeper: I keep track of the plans to upgrade our forces. I'm also in charge of hiring fighters to bolster our number.
      • Bandosian record keeper: Since it'll be you out there doing the killing, I need your advice on both. I'll have no fighters to choose from - and new upgrades - every five days.
      • Bandosian record keeper: We'd also like your input on overall strategy, which you can check on the strategy board over there.
    • Player: I'd like to give directions for the next upgrades.
    • Player: I'd like to see the options for hiring mercenaries.
    • Player: Tell me about yourself.
      • Bandosian record keeper: I was born in Rellekka. Yes, you think it's strange for a Fremennik to be for Bandos rather than Guthix.
      • Bandosian record keeper: But I'll tell you this much: the only balance a daggermouth ever respected is the balance of an axe. Everything about the life of our people comes down to one thing.
      • Bandosian record keeper: Strength. It is through force of arms and strength of will that we survive, day to day.
      • Bandosian record keeper: Let the other Fremennik follow what's left of Guthix if they will. I'm for Bandos and his one undeniable truth.
    • Player: Nothing for now, thanks.
      • Bandosian record keeper: Off you go, then.

Armadylean[edit | edit source]

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