Dialogue for Bandosian quartermaster

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Unaligned[edit | edit source]

  • Bandosian quartermaster: You there! You look like you can handle yourself - join us and fight for Bandos!

Bandosian[edit | edit source]

  • Bandosian quartermaster: Good tidings, fellow warrior! What can I do for you?
  • Player: I want to claim my rewards
  • Player: I want to talk about disruptor rods.
  • Player: I would like to claim a new rod.
  • Player: What are disruptor rods?
  • Bandosian quartermaster: The disruptor rod is a weapon that allows you to stop the activities of enemies for a short while. If you use it on them, they will be stopped from building or destroying structures, from attacking our convoys or healing their own.
  • Player: Hoow do I use a disruptor rod?
  • Bandosian quartermaster: Use the rod on an enemy who is building, attacking our caravans or healing their own. This will stop their current action. Each rod can be used 10 times before it is discharged.
  • Player: What rewards are available?
  • Bandosian quartermaster: Bandos lives for battle, and respects the strongest warriors. As a strong warrior yourself, you can expect great rewards. The most magnificent is a set of armour, strengthened by the might Bandos himself. It's hybrid armour, a good defence against any attacker. It can help you to rapidly recovering from performing actions. The more pieces of the set you wear, the greater the chance of rapid recovery. Bandos will also reward you will titles, should you prove your strength. He will grant additional experience in a skill of your choosing. And he will teach you abilities that will help you defeat your enemies.
  • Player: How do I claim rewards
  • Bandosian quartermaster: I'm the one tasked with judging whether you're ready for rewards. We don't give these out to just anyone. If you prove your worth, or the battle escalates. I can offer you more rewards.
  • Player: I'd best be going
  • Bandosian quartermaster: Go and get them!

Bandosian after the event is over[edit | edit source]

  • Bandosian quartermaster: Might as well dole out the rest of the kit before I go home. Take a look, I suppose.
    • Player: I want to claim my rewards.
    • Player: I'd best be going.
      • Bandosian quartermaster: Yeah, sure, bye.

Armadylean after the event is over[edit | edit source]

  • Bandosian quartermaster: This is all your fault. You're one of them, one of those Armadylean bird-lovers who ruined everything.