Transcript of Baby Tooth (voyage)

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Assassin and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: We have to be quick. Baby Tooth, the leader of the Death Lotus assassins, is visiting the training camps of Tokoko. This may be our only chance. Kirau, my old informer, has learned that he will only be there for a day.
  • Player: Do we have a plan?
  • The Assassin: I was raised at the training camps of Tokoko. I used to escape for an evening to the local town, so I could steal ramen. I know the camp's ins and outs. We do not have long before he moves again. This is our only chance, Little Khan. This will stop the Death Lotus assassins from chasing me.
  • Player: Then you have a ship. Good luck, Ling.

After Voyage

  • The Assassin: It... was a trap. If your men hadn't been there, I would be dead.
  • Player: But you're alright, that's what's important.
  • The Assassin: I feel nauseous. Kirau set us up. It can only have been Kirau.
  • Player: You can't know that for sure, he might have been fed false information.
  • The Assassin: Kirau knows everything; I always thought he had something of the soothsayer about him. This is purest betrayal.
  • Player: What will you do?
  • The Assassin: Baby Tooth will pay, but Kirau must die first. Once I've found that serpent, I'll cut open his belly.