Dialogue for Azalea Oakheart

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On Eisetes Cretor[edit | edit source]

  • Azalea Oakheart: Kaiolly! Blasted black ship! Shoot me down, why don't ya! Sail back here and I'll kick your captain right in the gutuscretor!
  • Player: Hey there. You seem upset. Anything I can do to help?
  • Azalea Oakheart: Ah, thank Guthix! I'm rescued! Azalea Oakheart's the name…gnome pilot and adventurer, at your service.
  • Player: You seem angry - who where you shouting at there?
  • Azalea Oakheart: So, I was happily gliding out east, minding my own business, when this nasty looking black ship shoots me outta the sky with its harpoon. The thing damn near took my head off. But worst of all, it ruined my attempt!
  • Player: Attempt at what?
  • Azalea Oakheart: I was trying to set a gnomish record for the longest glider flight with my old bird, Electra, here. She's shot to pieces now, though, poor gal. I had some good winds too, was gonna fly my way out east and explore whatever is beyond this archipelago.
  • Player: You can always try again, right?
  • Azalea Oakheart: Ha! That's the spirit of an adventurer right there! My sentiments exactly. Especially now I'm no longer stranded here. Thanks for the assist, chum.
  • The Tuai Leit gnome colony is now available from the gnome glider network.
  • Azalea Oakheart: Look me up when you're next at the Tuai Leit gnome colony. I can maybe offer you a free ride back to the mainland.

On Tuai Leit[edit | edit source]

  • Azalea Oakheart: Flight ready to leave!
    • Can you take me on the glider?
      • Gnome Glider Map interface opens up
    • Nothing.
      • (dialogue terminates)