Dialogue for Awowogei

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Chimp ice (after Do No Evil)[edit | edit source]

If You don't have a chimp ice

  • King Awowogei: Got any more chimp ices?
  • Player: Not on me.
  • King Awowogei: Well bring me some more, you've only brought me x, after all.

If You have a chimp ice

  • King Awowogei: *Sniff sniff* Is that a chimp ice?
  • Player: Yes, Your Majesty.
  • King Awowogei: Bring me more and you shall see your colony prosper.
  • Awowogei gobbles it up.
  • If it's your 5th, 10th, or 15th delivery
    • King Awowogei: Your colony has served me well. I'll have a statue built in the colony to celebrate your success!
    • (dialogue terminates)
  • If it's your 25th delivery
    • King Awowogei: Your colony has proven to be a valuable asset and will need safeguarding. I'll send my elite to protect you.
    • (dialogue terminates)
  • If it's not a 5th delivery, King Awowogei says one of these at random
    • King Awowogei: Take these blood runes for your trouble.
    • King Awowogei: Take these death runes for your trouble.
    • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • (dialogue terminates)

With the Sandy Clue Scroll and a banana[edit | edit source]

  • You hand Awowogei a banana and he hands you a [pair of caskets/scrollbox[sic]]... silently.