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This transcript involves dialogue with Auron Ithell and the player.

First time dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Auron Ithell the first time or if receiving golden rocks is turned off later on.

  • Auron ithell: Hey, you seem resourceful! Would you like to help me with a little project? I need someone to help me track down all the parts of the statue that's supposed to sit on this plinth. When the city was reverted to seed, the statue must have been compromised. The parts could be anywhere by now!
  • Start receiving golden rocks?
    • Yes.
      • Auron ithell: Great! From now on, while you're training any of the elf clan skills, you might find a golden rock. If you find two rocks from the same skill, bring them here and add them to the statue plinth. You don't have to find them all in Prifddinas. They could be anywhere, and found doing almost anything related to the clan skills. And if you ever want to stop finding golden rocks, talk to me again and I'll do that for you.
    • No.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Auron Ithell in the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas.

  • Auron Ithell: How's the statue going? Got any questions?
  • Select an option
    • Tell me about yourself.
      • Auron Ithell: Me? You want to know about me? Oh, I'm no one special.
      • Player: What are you doing here?
      • Auron Ithell: Oh! I'm tending this golden statue here! It got damaged in the city's reversion and regrowing. I'm only an apprentice, still learning.
      • Player: So you're just curating this piece?
      • Auron Ithell: Oh! Don't get me wrong, it's an honour! We all have to start somewhere. Once the statue is fully repaired, I'll get to apprentice in the Harmonium instead!
    • Tell me about the statue.
      • Auron ithell: Ah! Now that I'm happy to talk about! This is - or will be, anyway - a statue of Rhiannon! She's a very prominent figure in elven legend. The statue is wrought out of pure gold. It's an amazing feat of sculpture - gold is so hard to work with! Though the legend is that Rhiannon herself was actually turned to gold, and this isn't really a statue.
      • Player: Can you tell me the legend?
      • Auron ithell: Okay, but...don't tell anyone I told you. If my master caught me 'spouting such drivel' - his words - I'd lose my apprenticeship. The legend goes that Rhiannon was one of King Baxtorian's daughters, born out east. While growing up, she befriended a human boy who was gifted at magic. They'd spend their time together inventing spells, using runes from a nearby cache. Over time, they became close friends. But as they both grew older, the runes in the cache started to run low, and then all they did was argue. Rhiannon felt the runes should be used to create spells that would benefit those around them, but the human wanted to use them to benefit themselves. Their friendship soured, and they ended up fighting each other. Although neither enjoyed conflict, they'd had to learn to defend themselves in that turbulent age. Their battle was long and fierce. But here's where things get hazy... Sometimes the tale ends with Rhiannon gaining the upper hand and turning the boy to stone, cursed for all time. Other times, the boy wins the duel by casting his newest spell, turning her to gold. Honestly, though, I think it's nonsense - I just like the story! It gives the statue some character!
        • (Shows initial options)
    • About golden rocks...
      • Auron ithell: Of course! You should be able to find golden rocks while training any of the skills associated with the eight main elf clans. That's melee and slayer, magic and ranged, mining and smithing, farming and woodcutting... ...crafting and construction, divination and summoning, dungeoneering and herblore, and agility and prayer! Most things you can do in those skills should work. Oh! The Voice of Seren might also help you to find some of them a little more easily!
      • Player: What about if I want to stop finding golden rocks?
      • Auron ithell: Do you want to stop finding them? I can do that if you'd
      • Stop receiving golden rocks?
        • Yes.
          • Auron ithell: Okay, no more golden rocks for you. If you change your mind, you know where to find me!
            • (Shows initial options)
        • No.
          • (Shows initial options)
    • Do you have something to put rocks in?
      • Player: Do you have anything in which I could store any golden rocks I find?
      • Auron ithell: Of course! This statue bag should do the trick!
      • If the player doesn't have the Statue of Rhiannon list:
        • Would you also like a list of the statue pieces?
      • If the player already has the statue collection bag in their bank or inventory:
        • Auron ithell: Oh! You've already got a statue bag - you can store golden rocks in that!
        • If the player doesn't have the Statue of Rhiannon list:
          • Would you also like a list of the statue pieces?
            • (Same as above)
    • Never mind.
      • Auron ithell: Okay, bye!

Toggle golden rocks[edit | edit source]

When the right click option is used to toggle receiving golden rocks on or off.

If golden rocks are being turned off:

  • Auron ithell: Aww, you don't want to help me anymore? Okay, no more golden rocks for you. If you change your mind, you know where to find me!

If golden rocks are being turned on:

  • Auron ithell: There you go! You should start finding golden rocks while you train now!